Red Brick Coffee Review (Square Mile)

It is fascinating to find out that some of the local coffee that you take for granted is loved across the globe. There is a very well known brand in the UK called Square Mile that produces everything from coffee to merch and even an Ale. They hail from London (just on our doorstep) and have outlets up and down the UK.

I adore Espresso (double in the morning, sometimes with a tiny splash of milk) so whenever I find an interesting coffee brand I must go for their dedicated Espresso blend; for Square Mile, the most popular is the Red Brick Coffee blend.

For the simple fact that coffee experts from the USA have travelled to the UK, and written about it, the brand gives it a huge thumbs up. I already had some coffee so decided to write a little review for everybody who reads this blog regularly!


The Red Brick Coffee Blend

It is very interesting that the Red Brick coffee blend uses two bean varieties: Serrania (from Colombia) and El Progreso (Guatemala). This gives a very unique dynamic to the coffee and ensures that the tasting notes bring out the best of each variety. It is very clear that a lot of testing, love and dedication has been put into all of the coffee at Square Mile. They aren’t as loud about how expertly they blend their coffee as they should be.

The Coffee itself has wonderful dark, rich notes of bitter dark chocolate and sweet citrus notes like orange and cherry. What I get instantly from this coffee is a complex lingering sweetness- like a slightly burned caramel. It is delightful.

The freshly ground beans made a beautifully punchy, flavourful and vibrant double espresso with a creme to die for. Personally, to my tastes, the coffee was a little too rich, but I added a tiny bit of brown sugar into my coffee which really accentuated the sweetness from the beans. I was very impressed.

I followed the instructions of 19grams and read online that 200ºF was ideal for the beans but I preferred to keep it on the lower end at 195ºF – 199ºF. It limited the bitterness I was getting at first.

I also tried the coffee in an AeroPress which is a special treat for me – I still managed to pull through the flavours of burned caramel chocolate but got much more vanilla and cherry than orange. It could be my mind going over the tasting notes!

In a very short, roundabout way, the Red Brick Coffee from Square mile is superb – genuinely a cleverly blended, well thought out and well-cultivated coffee. I am really looking forward to trying out some of the other blends that are on offer from Square Mile, and maybe one of their beers!

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