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Quorn vs meat – cheaper, healthier alternative?

We've spoken previously about how much we love Quorn, but for many staunch meat-eaters, the idea of swapping animal flesh for mycoprotein can seem a little...weird. Well, we're here to convince you that swapping meat for Quorn is definitely something you should consider, especially if you're looking for something cheaper, healthier, and, dare I say it, even tastier. We'll be looking at specific Quorn products and comparing them to their meat equivalents, let's get into it:

Quorn mince vs beef mince

One of the main reasons we like cooking with Quorn, but especially with Quorn mince, is that it is very quick to cook. Unlike red meat which can make you feel ill if not cooked properly, Quorn mince is good to go within a few minutes. Let's look at the nutritional comparisons between Quorn mince and beef mince per 100g:

Protein per 100g:

Quorn mince - 13g
Beef mince - 14g

Calories per 100g:

Quorn mince - 92
Beef mince - 332

Saturated fat per 100g:

Quorn mince - 1.7g
Beef mince - 11g


So although beef mince contains the slightest bit more protein per 100g (and one could argue that the protein is "better" because it is coming from an animal source), it's pretty safe to say that Quorn mince has beef mince beaten in terms of nutrition. If you buy the 5% mince, then you can expect to pay about £1  more per kg compared to Quorn mince. Not a huge amount but every penny counts!

Quorn mince

Quorn pieces vs chicken breast

Ok, so this one is a little more complicated - we're actually not massive fans of the Quorn pieces. They're supposed to be a chicken alternative, but they're not similar in terms of texture or taste, and there are plenty of other options out there that we much prefer (see our review of What the Cluck chicken here). But anyway, let's take at the differences in prices and nutrition:

Protein per 100g:

Quorn pieces - 14g
Chicken breast cooked - 31g

Calories per 100g:

Quorn pieces - 99
Chicken breast cooked - 165

Saturated fat per 100g:

Quorn pieces - 0.8g
Chicken breast cooked - 1g

Ok, so it is pretty clear here that chicken contains pretty much double the amount of protein per 100g compared to Quorn pieces, plus the calories and saturated fat differences are very small. The difference in price is negligible too - Quorn pieces cost about £5 per 1kg, and chicken breast is about the same (£5 - £6 generally). Sorry Quorn, you might have lost this one.


So we might not have convinced any carnivores to swap their steaks for Quorn, but hopefully, we've convinced a few people to swap meat for Quorn on the odd occasion.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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