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Protein water – our honest thoughts about this drink

Getting enough protein, particularly if you're a vegetarian or vegan, is really important. Although you might associate protein with bodybuilders, the truth is that everyone needs protein not just for muscle but also to ensure their hair, skin, and bones are healthy too. Unfortunately, getting enough protein can be hard, particularly if you're not eating meat or consuming lots of dairy products. Protein water has emerged as an interesting option for anyone looking to increase their protein intake without consuming animal products, but is it actually any good? We tried it and have some thoughts:

What's the point of protein water?

If you've ever tried to drink a protein shake straight after a workout, then you probably understand why someone decided that protein water would be a good alternative. Protein shakes are great and very effective, but they're not very refreshing. If the science is to be believed then the most effective time to consume protein is immediately after your workout, but for many people, the thought of chugging a thick, milky protein shake after exercise isn't very appealing. After exercise, you typically want something refreshing, not something dense. Protein water solves this issue and makes your post-workout drink much more tolerable.

Protein water

Is protein water actually effective?

Ok so it might be better tasting and refreshing, but is protein water actually effective. Well like most things, it depends. The protein water we tried from Upbeat Drinks was made with whey protein, the protein source you'll find in most protein shakes. Each bottle contains 12g of protein as well as added vitamins, and the protein used is clear whey isolate which makes the drink clear and hydrating. So in our case, the protein water was absolutely as effective for muscle growth and protein intake as any protein shake we've had previously. However, there are some protein water brands out there that use protein from sources such as soy, which isn't as effective. It really does depend on the brand.

The great thing about protein water is that you can consume it during a workout, which is the best time to consume protein. If you've ever tried to consume a protein shake during exercise then you'll know this is not easy!

Upbeat protein water orange

Anything else to consider?

The only other thing to consider would be that generally speaking, protein water will be slightly more expensive than buying protein powder to make sure your own shakes. However, it's worth keeping in mind that you're paying for the convenience and taste, which for many people is absolutely worth the extra cost.

So to summarise, we've been impressed with the protein water that we tried and we'll definitely be drinking it more often.

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