Premier Inn pillows – why they’re so good and where to buy them

Premier Inn sign
As far as budget hotels go, Premier Inn is one of the best you'll find in the UK.
The breakfasts are good, the hotel team members are always friendly, and the hotels are generally in good locations. But the real reason that people seem to love Premier Inn is the quality of the sleep you can get in the beds there - the advertising campaign with Lenny Henry really pushed how good the beds are, and the quality of sleep that customers get is always mentioned in reviews.
A key part of what people seem to love about the Premier Inn beds is the pillows, so much so that many customers want to buy their own Premier Inn pillows for their homes. We'll be taking a close look at the Premier Inn pillows and what makes them so great, as well as how you can buy your own. Let's get into it:

Why does Premier Inn insist on having such great pillows?

The main reason Premier Inn has taken the effort to ensure that all of the pillows in their rooms are top quality is that they clearly understand the importance of a good night’s sleep.
As you walk around a Premier Inn, you'll signs like the ones we've included in our article - clearly, the team at Premier Inn is passionate about ensuring that their customers get good sleep, and having a good pillow is a key part of having a good sleep.

What is it that makes the Premier Inn pillows so special?

Unlike many of the other budget hotels in the UK, Premier Inn has spent serious money on the pillows in their hotels - each pillow is made from a microfibre and hollowfibre blend (there are plenty of pillows that use this technology), which means that each pillow has layers of super-fine fibres.
This helps to create a really soft and comfortable pillow. On top of this pillow, Premier Inn uses a quilted cotton-polyester protector which adds an extra degree of comfort.

Can you buy a Premier Inn pillow?

Premier Inn at home website
Before you try to cram a Premier Inn pillow in your suitcase as you check out, it's worth knowing that you can actually buy your own Premier Inn pillow to take home with you.
Premier Inn has set up a website called 'Premier Inn At Home' which is packed with bed and bedding items used in every Premier Inn hotel, including luxury duvets and mattress protectors.
The pillows on the Premier Inn At Home website are easily the most popular product in the range, and you can choose from either a firm or soft pillow which is quite nice. But the main downside is the price - £30 for 2 pillows seems like a lot to pay, especially considering you could actually stay in some Premier Inn hotels for less than that per night! You can buy your own Premier Inn pillows here -
For slightly cheaper, you can also find Silent Night (the pillows used by hotels around the world) sell a 'Hotel Edition' pillow. So, if you're a regular at hotels and would like to take the best pillows home, then you can actually grab on here: Silent Night

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to see what makes Premier Inn pillows so great and why people want to buy them to take home. Let us know what you think of the pillows at Premier Inn and if you'd ever consider spending £30 to own a pair!

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