Precision Spirits Gin Review

As you can tell, from all of our Gin reviews, we love a G&T after work on a Friday. It has become the tipple of choice here.

We've been reviewing huge brands and more recently small, batch gin producers local to our writers. The gin we will be reviewing today is the London Dry Gin by Precision Spirits.

So, let us get into the review and talk a little more about the company.


Who is Precision Spirits?

Precision Gin is a micro-distillery based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Where some of the finest gin producers live, so there is stiff competition.

The company is owned by Luke and Guy, two Edinburgh-based chemical engineers who set out to break down boundaries in the alcohol industry. They felt that too many products relied too heavily on tradition despite technology improving. The two set about refining the process of gin production and improving what they could.

The idea is to treat alcohol as a blank canvas, and the ingredients as paint. Why should tradition get in the way of an exciting, novel and great-tasting gin?

Precision Spirits uses fresh, natural ingredients to methodically manufacture precisely perfected alcohol.


The London Dry Gin

The gin is extremely interesting. It is unlike any dry London gin we have tasted. traditionally, the dry gin is, well dry, but also usually flavoured with subtle citrus flavours, light spice and a strong juniper backbone. The Precision Spirits London Dry nods to the tradition but looks to improve the old recipe.

On the nose, the gin is instantly citrusy and fragrant. The light, delicious notes are supported by a subtle backing of Juniper. The gin has a super sweet garden flower floral note which hides behind the sharper citrus and juniper notes. It is hard to identify exactly what the notes are but it elevates the gin into a bouquet of sweetness.

The nose is vibrant, floral and instantly makes you want to get to drinking.

Precision Spirits Gin
Precision Spirits Gin

This is where the gin comes out onto its own. The flavour. The first notes that hit you is the bright punchy juniper and super sweet lemon rind which fills the senses with a tingle from the alcohol. The bright notes quickly fade into a very interesting sweet floral note of summer garden herbs like basil and mint. The mid notes come as a surprise and are a very interesting twist on the old classic. What underpins the whole flavour is the spice of the juniper and cardamon.

From top to toe Precision Spirit's dry gin is outstanding. Simply the way the notes reveal themselves, come together and touch your tongue, highlights the thought and sophistication behind the recipe.

The lingering flavour is sweet, floral, moreish and everchanging. It is a very complex, moreish gin that can lead to a whole bottle being consumed with ease.

Many consider gin to be harsh alcohol which needs a mixer; but this gin is so bright and smooth that it can easily be enjoyed on its own. That is the true sign of an extremely high-quality alcohol.

Where the gin comes to its own is in a cocktail where it is the star or a double with a light splash of tonic. The more you can taste the gin, the better.

We're so glad that we have found the gin and highly recommend it as a wonderful gift, or just a weekend treat. Any gin lover will adore the Precisions spirits London Dry Gin.

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