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Our Picks for the Best Pizza In Edinburgh

As a bunch of non-scots, you must forgive us for previously overlooking Edinburgh's food scene as a hauntingly beautiful tourist trap.

There is quite a lot of that, for sure. Interestingly, Edinburgh has been at the centre of the UK's food scene for years, and there is one food that we know Edinburgh does best: pizza. (and it is even home to the Ooni Pizza oven)

If you travel throughout the UK, you'll encounter every kind of pizza place you can imagine. Even the most highly regarded food scenes - from London to Manchester - don't have a scratch on Edinburgh when it comes to Pizza... and apparently, it is quite the fiercely debated topic.

So, we have taken the time to visit the most highly-rated establishments in the city to see what we thought. This is our list of the Best Pizza in Edinburgh.

Civerino's Slice

Civerino's is an Edinburgh institution, and in our minds, is within the top 3 of the best Pizzas in Edinburgh.

They have the vibe-iest, coolest, most colourful restaurants of any Edinburgh Pizza place and they produce *amazing Pizza. While you could go to either Portabello Prom or Hunter Square, the real gem is their OG on Forest St across from Doctors Pub.

You can either pick up a slice or a huge table-sized pie for a very reasonable ticket. The dough is super soft and fresh, the base is perfectly cooked and crispy and the inventive (and generously applied) toppings are mostly delicious.

If you don't take it from us, then take it from the queue of people standing outside most days.

This way for more info:

Civs Pizza

Pizza Geeks

May the sauce be with you. Live long and Pizza. All the good puns.

For most people, The Pizza Geeks are known for the vans the company have outside of the rugby ground but for the hardcore fans, they know where it all started; their tiny little shop (and geek cave) on Dalry Road, down from Haymarket.

If you put aside the cool concept and deliciously geeky sheek, what hides there is an extremely underrated pizza joint.

For a start, the pizza is super fresh, with delicious toppings and really soft dough that is extremely more-ish. The sugo is sweet and service, exceptional.

A personal favourite is the 'Braveheart'. Haggis, Black Pudding, Salami and Sugo.

More about the Pizza Geeks here:


Pizza Geeks Pizza

Pizzaria 1926

Since we started researching and visiting venues for this post, we have since learned that Pizzaria 1926 has been closed, pending new owners. But, we thought that we'd include it as a testimony to their impact on the pizza scene in Edinburgh.

We had been to the restaurant a number of times over the years, when up for the rugby or passing through.

The Pizza was as authentic as it comes. Italian chefs, Italian recipes and a completely Italian-owned family business. Back in the day the pizza was delicious, the service was brilliant and the sides were to die for (the fried seafood box thingy was the bomb).

Sadly, we visited just before its closure and left with a little bit of disappointment. The service was less than impressive and the food wasn't quite up to what it used to be.

Regardless, this venue deserves a place on this list simply for being the home of one of Edinburgh's best Pizza!

Pizzaria 1926

Street Pizza by Gordon Ramsey

Love him, or hate him, we know this restaurant would make a splash.

Scottish chef and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsey, has thrown his hat into the ring to claim the title of Best Pizza in Edinburgh.

When the new restaurant, on Henderson Row, was launched it caused quite a bit of a stir and there was a lot of hate towards the restaurant but people who had never been. We think that many of the poor reviews may be left by customers being overly critical due to the fact that Gordon Ramsay's name is above the door.

We thought the pizza was delicious, it was crispy with a soft dough and plenty of toppings.

You may find out more about them here:

Street Pizza Gordon Ramsey

Matto Pizza

A place that is very quickly getting a great name for itself is Matto Pizza, a specialist in Neapolitan pizza with lush authentic toppings.

There are two restaurants in Morningside and Meadowbank - the latter of the two is draw-droppingly cool. Awesome design, a comfy vibe and, well, the pizza....

Matto pride itself on its slowly proven dough and authentic wood-fire oven which blasts the pizza with 500 degrees of heat for 60 seconds. The result is a bouncy, soft dough, caramelised charred toppings and a beautiful crip base. You'll find a good vegan menu including pizzas made using vegan cheese and a good gluten free menu too with pizza dough made from gluten free flour.

The crust is something special too. Just like in Napoli, it is all about the crust.

Learn more about Matto here: 


Homies Pizza

After it's opening in the new Waverly Mall, we can see why Homies is quickly becoming the new recommendation for Edinburgh'd best Pizza online.

Thankfully, they are doing something different and offering a Detroit-style pizza which looks similar to a deep dish in a square tin. You'd think it was a gimmick until you taste it.

This is a chunk of pure pizza comfort. It has a soft baked dough, with ample toppings with a thick layering of sticky cheese. The best bits are the caramelised cheese edges from the pan. A proper treat and something different from the traditional Italian-style pizzas.

Check out their Instagram here:

Paolozzi Pizza

For many Edinburgh locals, Paolozzi is much better known for their beer, which has been brewed near Hermiston Gait since 2105.

The beer was inspired by Edwardo Paolozzi, a famous artist from Leith (born 1924) and the inspiration has now turned its gaze to pizza.

The restaurant is a partnership between the brewery and Gino Stornaiuolo, a Scottish-Italian restaurateur (& DJ).

The pizza in Paolozzi is fantastic, but what impressed us most about the restaurant was the beautiful interior, very friendly and attentive staff, and amazing selection of scottish seafood!


Paolozi pizza

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