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Ooni Pizza Oven Alternatives

If you love Pizza, then you may have considered buying a Pizza oven for the garden. If you don't have £10,000 to sink into a permanent stone installation then you may have come across Ooni. We bought our Fyra 12 for £299, which is quite reasonable given how much we enjoy using it to make pizza.

You can easily find the Ooni by searching them on Google or you can actually get an Ooni with next-day delivery via a prime subscription. Very handy. 

Like all market leaders, while the Ooni is fantastic it may be a little expensive for some, or just not the brand that you want. So, in this post, we'll explore some of the best alternatives to the Ooni pizza oven, including wood-fired ovens, electric pizza makers, and even an air fryer!

We'll also discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option so you can make the best decision for your kitchen. So let's get started!

Vevor Gas & Electric Pizza Oven

Vevor is a brand you're unlikely to have heard of before unless you own a catering business. They are largely known for their industrial  equipment and catering machines. If you need a hand drill and an ice cream machine, then you can get both from Vevor.

Vevor also provides quite an extensive range of Pizza ovens which can provide an alternative to Ooni. Whether you'd like something of a similar style to the Ooni, or a more professional Pizza oven powered by electricity, then Vevor has both.


You can find their full selection of ovens on Amazon UK at a slightly better price than you'll find it on their website. There are so many so here is the link to their Amazon store and you can decide which is the best for your needs.


Cozze Portable Pizza Oven

Much like the Ooni, the Cozze oven is quick. easy to use and easy to move. Whether you keep it in your back garden or take it on a camping trip, the Cozze is a very popular alternative to the Ooni.

Like the Ooni, the Cozze is powered by a gas canister and ses a stone tray to create the perfect crust on the bottom of your pizza.

There are some slight differences between the two brands: the Cozze takes up to 20 minutes to get to full temperature and 2 minutes to bake the pizza to perfection.

This pizza oven is available for £199, which is slightly less than the Ooni so you may save yourself a penny or two by choosing this option.

You can pick up a Cozze and find out more about the pizza oven right here.

Cozze Pizza Oven
Cozze Lifestyle

Cozze Portable Pizza Oven

As an Ooni alternative, the Roccobox is one of the better portable ovens we have seen. Like the Ooni ovens, it is powered by gas, and has a 19mm thick stone floor. The Roccobox microporous composition draws which draws the moisture from the dough and makes you base more crispy.

It also has extra layers of insulation to make sure the oven heats up quickly and retains a steady high temperature - which is essential for a perfectly baked pizza!

Like to Ooni, the Roccobox has retractable legs and comes with a carry case, so it is very easy to move about, take on the road or to a friend's party.

The price tag on this Ooni alternative will set you back a happy £399.

You can check out the Roccobox on Amazon UK right here.

Rockobox Pizza Oven

Dellonda Protable Wood-fired Oven

Rather than being powered by gas, the Dellonda portable pizza oven is heated using wood. Now, this may not be ideal if you want something quick and easy, but this is an oven that will inspire passion. It will be a labour of love.

Wood-fired pizza is very traditional and really does add an extra element of flavour that a gas-powered oven simply can't provide. There is a smokiness from the wood, and the heat chars the pizza differently.

All you need is a quick bit of fire and you can easily cook a large pizza in 60 seconds.

You can check out the Dellonda on Amazon UK right here.

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