Oodie vs Kuddly – comparing these 2 popular wearable blanket hoodies to see which is best

Published by Finn Hayden

We're big fans of the Oodie and we love wearing ours around the house. We've written previously about how we think the Oodie is definitely worth buying, but we've also written about how we think there are some excellent alternatives to the Oodie, one of which is the Kuddly.

For anyone trying to decide between these 2 wearable blanket hoodies, we thought it would be useful to publish a guide comparing the Oodie and the Kuddly. We'll be looking at the pros and cons of each, and comparing other factors such as price and durability. Let's get into it:

Why compare the Kuddly and the Oodie?

We'll start our comparison of these 2 hoodie blankets by firstly establishing why a comparison is warranted. Both the Kuddly and Oodie are very popular, and people who are looking for a great wearable hoodie blanket will often be deciding between the 2 brands, so we know that people will benefit from a detailed comparison between the 2 products.

What are they made from?

Let's start with one of the most important factors that people will look at when deciding between a Kuddly or an Oodie - what they are made of. This will determine how comfortable each item is, and will also influence other factors such as the price and durability. Let's take a look at each product:


The Oodie is made using a vegan sherpa fleece interior, which is a double-sided fabric, whereas all of the cheaper wearable blankets that we tried used a single-sided fleece fabric. the fleece lining is throughout the whole Oodie. We love the weight of the Oodie, which isn't too heavy but is still very comfortable.
Oodie sherpa fleece


The Kuddly is also made of a really impressive material - every Kuddly wearable hoodie has a breathable MicroCool™ teddy fleece exterior, which is very soft and easy to clean. It also has a sherpa fleece interior just like the Oodie, which really impressed us. Everything used to make the Kuddly is cruelty-free and vegan, just like with the Oodie. You can wash the Kuddly by hand or toss it into the washing machine, and to dry it you can just air it out naturally. So both wearable hoodies are very similar in material, but if we had to make comparisons then we'd say the Oodie was a bit thicker than the Kuddly, but the Kuddly was more breathable which maybe makes it more suitable for wearing during the summer months.
Kuddly materials

How much do they cost?

Another huge factor to consider when deciding between an Oodie and a Kuddly is how much each item costs. We've proven in our Oodie alternative guide that you don't need to spend huge amounts to get a great wearable hoodie blanket, so keep in mind that more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it'll be better.


Based on what we found online, you will generally pay a bit more for your Oodie versus what you'd pay for a Kuddly. However, you can often find discount codes for Oodies online, and there is also a 'Sale' section on the Oodie website which lists Oodies for much cheaper than you'll find on the rest of the website. Usually, the items in the 'sale' section are just styles which have gone out of fashion, so if you don't mind wearing an Oodie with an unfashionable pattern on it then you can save some serious dough. But if you're set on buying one of the latest, fashionable Oodies, then you should expect to pay in the region of £100.




A full price Kuddly wearable hoodie is actually very similarly priced to an Oodie at around £90, but you'll always find a discount code for the Kuddly products, and we actually saw them on sale via the Kuddly website recently for as little as £59. You can also find them on Amazon for less than £50. But to be honest, there is very little to separate the Oodie and the Kuddly in terms of price.



Anything else to mention?

We have to admit that when our Oodie arrived, the whole presentation and packaging blew us away and made us feel really excited. The Oodie arrived vacuum-packed which made delivery really easy, and it also had a branded ribbon on it. It also came with a nice branded mesh bag to store it in, as well as information about how to care for the Oodie which was really useful.
When the Kuddly arrived, it was almost exactly the same as what we experienced with the Oodie - it was vacuum-packed and it came in a mesh bag, which was even the same colour! It didn't have the little ribbon on it like the Oodie had though, and we really appreciate little extras like that.
The sizes are also quite interesting - the Kuddly actually only has 1 size, and it's the same for kids and adults. The Oodie is available in an adult or kids size, so it's quite nice to have the choice. Both the adults size of the Oodie and the Kuddly are based on a 6XL size, so the adult wearable hoodies from these brands are exactly the same dimensions.

Third-party reviews

Our opinion is helpful, but looking at third-party review sites for each brand will be really useful too. We found a Trustpilot profile for each brand, as well as other review aggregators. Let's take a look:


The Oodie Trustpilot is really impressive, with an 'Excellent' rating from more than 21,000 reviews. Overall, reviewers seem absolutely delighted with the quality of the product, as well as the service provided by the Oodie team.
Oodie Trustpilot


Kuddly is currently also sitting with an 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.6/5 from more than 6000 reviews. If you look for reviews specifically relating to the wearable hoodie, you'll see that generally people are delighted with the quality of the product, as well as the service provided by the Kuddly team. The Kuddly Trustpilot has around a third of the reviews that the Oodie Trustpilot has, so that should give you an idea of the difference in scale between these 2 brands.
Kuddly Trustpilot

Final thoughts

So as you can see, the Oodie and the Kuddly are very similar, but there are a few key differences which are worth considering. The Kuddly tends to be a bit cheaper, but we'd say that the Oodie is more of a premium product and is the one we'd want to wear, especially on colder days.

The breathable material of the Kuddly might make it more suitable for wearing all year round though, which is something to consider.

So what do you think of our comparison? Let us know if you prefer the Oodie or the Kuddly and if you have any other thoughts!

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