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Nutricode Slim Extreme Review | Does It Work?

Weight loss supplements have a sketchy reputation; some believe they are a complete con, while others swear that the support they offer has changed their lives. It is safe to say that a good percentage of the latter group is usually part of a multi-level marketing scheme (political way of saying pyramid scheme), but is there some truth to the claims?

Nutricode Slim Sachets fell onto our laps this week and we thought we'd try them out, give them a try and see if we noticed any changes at all. They are available on Amazon, and have been featured on the This Morning programme so we picked some up to see what we thought.

We've tried everything from CBD for sleep and anxiety to comfy oodie alternatives - so this should be fun.

Who is Nutricode & What Is The Body Slim System?

With a couple of clicks, it is quite easy to find that Nutricode is a brand under the 'FMworld' banner. If you haven't heard about FMworld, they are a multi-level marketing company who sells a range of products via international partners (or just people on facebook). They sell perfumes, food supplements and all manner of things.

Nutricode is the brand that they use to sell everything from vitamins, minerals, meal replacements (like Heul) and weight loss products. The brand has been featured on numerous outlets including the This Morning show and is sold across the UK via numerous platforms.

The Nurticode Body Slim System is a supplementation regime that requires you to drink sachets which contain a number of active ingredients, said to help with the process of losing weight.


Our Nutricode Body Slim System Review

For a start, using basic knowledge and experience of nutrition and diet, Nutricode, on its own, will not help you lose weight. That is a fact.

The purpose of the drink is to suppress appetite to make lowing your calories easier, therefore putting the user in a calorie deficit without the painful hunger pangs. There are some vitamins thrown in too but that will likely be for some extra energy (to counterbalance the lack of food energy) and vitamins for well-being (to prevent any deficiencies from lack of food). If you use Nutricode and do not adjust your diet, then you'll maintain your current weight.

If we look at the ingredients Nuricode contains Glucomannan which is a fibrous nutrient that swells in your stomach and makes you feel fuller - therefore, in theory, should reduce your desire to snack.

It also contains Garcinia Cambogia which is another 'claimed' appetite suppressant. The jury is out on whether the claims are true, but in theory behind the substance is that it is a flavour enhancer, and should satisfy you food cravings. I personally thought the Nutricode Body Slim System sachets had very little flavour so I personally don't see the benefit in this product.

In short, what you're essentially doing is drinking an expensive multivitamin. For £36 plus you may as well get a high-quality supplement and, have some CBD and drink caffeinated coffee to suppress your appetite and provide energy.

This may not be what you want to read but weight loss comes from consistency; you need to ensure that the energy you consume is slightly less than the energy you use during the day; over time you will naturally start to lose weight and your health will improve.



  • Reduce your sugar intake as much as you can (even from things like shop-bought bread, weight loss bars, and diet soda)
  • Reduce Alcohol intake/ replace it with lower calorie alternatives (like gin & unflavored tonic)
  • Exercise consistently at least 4 times a week (can be a walk, run or gym) - push yourself!
  • Trust the process and try not to let it slip.


What do Online Reviews Say?

There are a few Nutricode reviews online, including on the amazing profile. The reviews are a mixed bag. Some say they have worked, and others say they have not.

This is what I expected from the review section as lifestyle factors will play a huge role in the effectiveness of this product; it is likely that anybody buying the product will be actively trying to lose weight.

There are a number of other written reviews (like this one) that say very similar things to what has been written here.

Nutricode amazon reviews
Nurticode Review
Nurticode Review

Should you buy Nutricode?

Personally, I would say that there are cheaper alternatives to this product, and lifestyle changes that are more affordable and more effective.

Weight loss is not easy, and it requires a series of lifestyle changes in the long term.

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