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Numan, similar to Manual, is a male-centred health and well-being company that provides licenced treatments which are prescribed remotely via the company website.

Numan caught our attention down to the fact that there are a growing number of supplement companies that are selling (what once were) over-the-counter treatments for things like Erectile dysfunction, hair loss and male well-being.

Like Athletics Greens, Numan advertises on a load of podcasts and you may have seen their advert on the TV during the football.

So, we wanted to commit to a little review of to understand whether what they are selling is legit and whether it works


Who is Numan? seems to be a US-based supplements company that legally licence supplements and medicines to men via an online platform. There is no real 'about us' information on the website but there are a few profile pictures for the medical staff who set up, and advise, with the company.

The company have set out on a mission to fix ill health that mainly affects men. There is an issue with men asking for help, and reaching out to medical professionals when something goes wrong. Numan are another company that offers advise, diagnostics and supplements for issues that are not life-threatening and therefore, often shoved under the carpet to be forgotten about.



Alongside expert advice from medical professionals, it is possible to purchase a whole range of products to improve the well-being of men. It is possible to purchase treatments for hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and sleep and they even sell testosterone boosters.

What separates Numan from other competitors is the fact that you can send in blood samples so that a team of experts can evaluate your body and recommend supplements.

The process all starts with a quiz, which asks quite in-depth questions about you, your lifestyle and how you are feeling generally. After completing the quiz I was very surprised at how detailed it was.

The. Numan sends the blood testing kit - it says that they are testing to check the levels of hormones, vitamins and cholesterol in your body, ad to check your thyroid function. All of these factors will give the experts an insight into your general well-being.

What Do the Reviews Online Say - Is Numan Legit?


Numan, until recently, have been reviewed very highly on Trustpilot. As of today, they have over 12000 reviews on Trustpilot; 71% of which are 5* and only 14% 1*. The company get lots, and lots of new reviews every week so if you're reading this, you may find that the stats have changed very quickly.

What is interesting about the last few weeks is there has been a flurry of 1-star reviews. Many of them are due to deliveries not turning up and the customer service being very, very poor.

In saying this, there are equally as many positive reviews mixed in. They often mention the high-quality consultation and quality of the products too.

Overall, it looks like Numan are legit!


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