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Non fizzy mixers for gin (if you don’t like tonic)

Gin (particularly Scottish gin) is definitely one of the most popular spirits in the UK, but if you're not a fan of fizzy mixers then it can be hard to order a gin when you're out - after all, most bars will serve you a gin with fizzy tonic. Luckily, there are lots of non-fizzy mixers out there which go really well with gin, here are our favourites:

Lime Cordial

A gin and lime cordial is usually called a Gimlet - this is a popular drink which isn't fizzy but tastes great. It's easy enough to make, just add equal parts lime cordial and gin (although there are no rules here, adjust the ratio depending on your preference) and enjoy. If you're feeling really adventurous then you could make your own lime cordial, but we don't have time for that!

Still Lemonade

Before you leave an angry comment, we mean mixing gin with still lemonade, not the fizzy kind. Often referred to as a London Lemonade, gin and lemonade are an excellent pairing which compliment each other really well. Getting your hands on still lemonade isn't as easy as it should be, so you might actually be best to create your own - here is a recipe. Otherwise, you could head to a shop like Marks & Spencer (they do an excellent still lemonade, pictured).


Buy an alcohol-free cocktail

Gin is great to mix with a cocktail because it has a crisp and fresh taste but won't overpower anything. If you're looking to enjoy gin without the fizz then we recommend mixing your gin with an alcohol-free cocktail. You could buy all of the different drinks to make the alcohol-free cocktail at home (here are some great recipes), but there are lots of great pre-packaged alcohol-free cocktails you can buy from the supermarket.

Drink your gin straight

Seriously! It might not be the done thing, but drinking your gin straight is not just a great way to avoid fizzy mixers, it's also a great way to actually taste the gin you're drinking. Brands take such care to create their gin, so it has always seemed slightly odd to us that people will then mix their expensive gin with a flavoured tonic. Drink it straight, enjoy the flavour and avoid the fizz!

So hopefully, this has helped you to think about a few non-fizzy options for drinking with your gin. Enjoy!

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