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Non-alcoholic Pimm’s – how to enjoy an alcohol free version of this summer favourite


Pimm's is one of those drinks which only seems to come out during the summer months, but which deserves to be enjoyed all year round. One thing we've always found slightly strange is that there isn't an official non-alcoholic Pimm's that you can buy - many people like to drink Pimm's all day on a long summer day, so it would make sense to have a non-alcoholic version to enjoy so you could enjoy the day for longer. Luckily, there is actually a way to enjoy a non-alcoholic Pimm's, you just need to get creative. Let's get into it:

Make an alcohol-free version yourself

Making your own non-alcoholic version of Pimm's is actually pretty straightforward, considering that Pimm's already has a very fruity and not particularly strong taste. Like a normal Pimm's, the first thing you'll need is lots of fruit. Cut up strawberries, cucumbers, oranges, and mint, and add it all to a large jug with 1 part tonic water to 3 parts lemonade. For the little bitter tang that Pimm's has, you could brew a cup of tea and once it has cooled, add about half of it to the jug. We've tried a few different recipes to try and recreate the unmistakable taste of Pimm's and this is our favourite by far. For an added extra, you can mix in 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.

Buy a non-alcoholic alternative

Not many people can actually tell you what Pimm's is - it's a sort of gin-based fruit cup/liqueur hybrid, so it is quite an odd thing and therefore quite hard to recreate in a non-alcoholic version. However, there are lots of non-alcoholic gins out there, many of which would make for a very good alternative to Pimm's. We're big fans of the Seedlip spirits, especially the citrus variety which works really well as the base and gives you a summery Pimm's-like flavour.



Final thoughts

So as you can see, although there isn't an official non-alcoholic Pimm's out there, there are plenty of ways to recreate the delicious taste of this iconic summer drink. If you've tried making your own alcohol-free version of Pimm's, let us know in the comments!

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