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Non-alcoholic Baileys? How you can enjoy an alcohol free version of the popular Irish cream liqueur

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Published by Finn Hayden

Since it launched in the early 70s, Baileys has consistently remained as one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the UK, especially during the Christmas period. But despite the popularity of this drink, there has never been an official non-alcoholic version released. This is despite the popularity of non-alcoholic drinks increasing massively over the past few years, including some excellent alcohol-free beers (especially Guinness).

But if you're wanting a Baileys without the alcohol, worry not. You've got plenty of options, and although there isn't an official non-alcoholic version of Baileys to try, we hope you'll find these alternatives just as enjoyable:

Make it yourself

Probably the easiest way to get your non-alcoholic Baileys kick is to try and make one yourself, which is easier than it sounds. There is a pretty good recipe here from the BBC, but they've probably made it a bit more complex than it needs to be. Here is what we'd recommend - firstly, brew an espresso. Next, take 2 shot glasses worth of evaporated milk, and 6 shot glasses worth of double cream, and mix it all together. Taste, and then add maple syrup and cinnamon if you want it sweeter. Simple, and delicious!

Buy an off-brand alternative

The above recipe is so simple that you might find it a bit pointless to pay for a branded version of non-alcoholic Baileys, but there are some good alternatives which we must admit, do taste more like Baileys than our homemade version. Twisst is the main option - their products definitely taste the part, but at more than £2 per 240ml Can, it's definitely pricier than our evaporated milk recipe. There are some other brands out there, but to be honest we're not totally sure if they're still sold online so we won't recommend them in this guide. There is definitely a gap in the market here!

Twisst alcohol free irish cream

Final thoughts

As you can see, despite the demand for a non-alcoholic Baileys, there isn't anything official that has ever been released by the Baileys brand. However, you can very easily make your own if you've got the ingredients, otherwise, you can try the Twisst brand. Good luck!

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