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Mude drinks review (Our Honest Thoughts) – get your fizzy fix without the bad stuff


If you're anything like us, you've probably got a bit of a fizzy drink addiction. This has been exacerbated somewhat by the lockdown situation, where the fridge is always tantalizingly close and packed to the brim with everything from Diet Colas to beer.

That's why we wanted to talk about Mude. This range of sparkling beverages will help you get your fizzy drink fix, without rotting your teeth. In fact, these drinks are actually good for you. We tried Mude recently and were really impressed, let's look at what makes these so great:

What do the Mude drinks taste like?

We really enjoyed the taste of the Mude drinks we tried (Work + Play, pictured). They're made with yeast which gives them a taste quite similar to non-alcoholic beer, but they're also flavoured with organic botanicals and natural fruit flavourings.

The Play drink is flavoured with Melon and Raspberry which is a combination that we found to work really well. The Chill drink contains Chamomile which was great for drinking in the evenings.

The drinks are powered by Immunoboost, a formula created by the Mude team which consists of B vitamins, minerals (Superliquid) and 250mg Beta Glucan, an immunity-strengthening soluble fiber. You get all this goodness in each can plus more depending on what type of can you're drinking. For example, the Play can also contains BCAAs and Green Tea.


this tasted delicious and made us feel GREAT

What is the price like for the Mude drinks?

The price for Mude drinks is really reasonable. You can buy packs of 12 for £25, which works out to about £2 per can. Considering that a can of just about any other fizzy drink will cost you more than £1, we think this is a totally fair price for a product that packs such a punch.

There is actually a huge sale this November where you can grab 50% off the normal price, so definitely check that out.  Plus, shipping is free in the UK. Awesome!

Anything else to mention?

It's always great to have a healthy option to reach for when you're craving something fizzy, and the drinks from Mude will definitely satisfy that urge. They taste great and they'll also give you a health boost. Definitely check them out here.

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