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The sad story of Ming the clam


October marks the start of National Seafood month here in the UK, so let's enjoy a seafood-related story.

Being British means making mistakes - Mr. Bean is the quintessential Brit and his clumsy behaviour is only slightly exaggerated. We think that no story better illustrates the clumsy nature of Brits than the sad story of the clam called Ming.

For those who aren't aware, Ming is believed to be the oldest animal to have ever lived. This clam was 507 years old and was estimated to have been born in the 15th century.

Although the clam was found off the coast of Iceland, some genius had the idea of giving him/her to a group of British scientists from Bangor University. This is where things started to go wrong for Ming.

This is the incredible quote from the now archived science journal about this study:

The mollusc’s 507-year-long life came to an abrupt end in 2006 when the British researchers – unaware of the animal’s impressive age – opened up its shell to put it under scientific scrutiny.

But digging into the details a bit more in a few other articles, Ming actually died when the scientists decided to freeze him/her.

This was back in 2006, almost 20 years ago, and yet I'm still mad about it. Poor Ming had his/her whole life ahead of him/her!











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