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Men Of Manual (Review) for Hair Loss

Men's health is thankfully being talked about a lot more. It isn't said enough but it is a very difficult time to be a young man currently, and getting older isn't the best either.

While the last few years have seen a number of campaigns to promote positive body image, and lifestyle of women, men's rights campaigns are woefully underfunded (generally misunderstood too) and we're left with grifters like Andrew Tate and aspire to be as jacked (and juiced) as the Liver King.

There is clearly a desire for men to improve their well-being and look after their physical appearance, which brings us on to the long line of men's health and well-being supplement companies.

One of the largest of which is Men of Manual, also known as Manual.

So, let us have a look at the company and write a little review.


Who are Men of Manual?

Manual (often referred to as Men of Manual) are an online consultancy and online pharmacist dedicated to Men's health and wellbeing. They seem to have extended their range of products from hair loss treatments to erectile dysfunction, testosterone boosters, a daily supplements, skincare and even CBD capsules.

The brand moves to empower men with as much information as they can to help them proactively improve their own well-being. The inspiration for the company comes from the personal experience of the founding team, who themselves started to realise that looking after their well-being from 'head to toe' was super important. It seems that what Manual are focusing on are issues that affect men's confidence, and self-worth. Which, is a huge issue currently.

It seems that Manual are much bigger, and more popular in the USA, but they have a presence here in the UK and are growing quickly.

We will be looking generally at the branding, but focusing on the Manual Hair loss remedies and general reviews of Manual as a company.

The Hair Loss Products from Manual

I am always very wary of any company that suggests that they can cure male pattern hair loss, and even more suspicious of companies that claim to reverse it.

It seems, however, that Men of Manual hair loss solution is one, or a combination, of medicines that are regularly prescribed for hair loss; Finasteride and Minoxidil (which are actually both available on amazon). So you can be sure that there are studies and science backing the products; not just some snake oil.

Finasteride is a medicine usually prescribed to men who are suffering from issues with their prostate - but also hair loss. It works by stopping testosterone from turning into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes the prostate to grow larger, and also prevents hair growth. You should know that medicine does have a fairly long list of side effects and you may even be allergic to it.

The second medicine is Minoxidil which stimulates hair growth, but it is not fully understood why. While the medicine does not work for everybody, Minoxifil is said to reverse the process of androgenetic alopecia by reducing the miniaturisation of the hair follicles, increasing blood flow to the scalp, and stimulating and extending the follicle growth stages.

The side effects include acne, burning skin, inflammation and soreness which all result in hair loss. So, there is a potential that the medicine will make matters worse.

The company claims that these medicines improve the hairline of 94% of people who use them- and it seems that the NHS website also suggests these medicines for the same reasons.

It is worth being wary though - they do not work for everybody and the side effects can be nasty. So, be warned and make sure you read the small print on the Manual website. They are not shy about telling you the facts - which is great.

In saying that: another point regularly made online, is that you can buy this generic medication online for at least 25% less than you can by it with Men of Manual. It is available in high street pharmacies like Boots or prescribed via the NHS.


This is a screen shot from Reddit:

Reddit men of manual

Reviews of Manual (Hair Loss & General Service)

With anything proposing to fix male pattern baldness, it is right to expect suspicion. Whether it may be poor results or customers calling out the company for being a scam. Truly, I do not believe that the MenofManual Hair loss treatment is a scam, but I know for sure it will not cure male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, that is just generics.

The Trustpilot profile for the company is largely good, but there have been many one star reviews that have popped in in the last few months. Some of them are quite troubling.

Overall, Manual are rated "Great" and have earned 81% 5 stars reviews, 12% 4 stars, 5% 3 stars, 2% 2 stars and 10% 1 star.

Many of the poor reviews have received a comment from Manual, but it is mostly a generic stock message, rather than a personal reply to the particular message.

While there are a number of poor reviews, the vast majority of the reviews are positive and many customers rave about the benefits of the products they have received.

Remember there are a lot of other supplements on the Men of Manual website that could be great for other issues


Manual review
Manual hair loss review
Men of manual Review

Would we recommend Men of Manual?

As a company, yes, absolutely. From a deep look at the company, it is very clear that it is lead by medical professionals who have a deep knowledge base and their consultancy service is refreshingly honest.

When it comes to the Manual hair loss products the jury is still out. The spray contains genuine medicines which help with hair loss, but you are able to find them elsewhere for cheaper, and they don't always work. Plus, the side effects are quite common and are visible within the reviews section.

The website has a number of other products that I am eager to try out - so I will do a little more research and write more reviews when I have them.

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  • Ali Kayhan

    They are charged £114.00 for botle spray. And they said they will be refund 50% . But they are not refunded. Don’t trust this company . Spray doesn’t work .

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