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London Nootropics Review: Mojo, Zen & Flow Coffee

London new tropics is likely to be the most interesting coffee brand that you have come across yet.

After being featured on Dragons Den, London Nootropics has exploded in popularity, and we feel that there is good reason for it.

Our lives are becoming exponentially more complicated. And tweaking our personal daily routines, to optimise our daily performance is now, without doubt, paramount. London Nootropics offer an adaptogenic coffee which aims to increase our focus, concentration, mental clarity, phone health and insurance with an innovative reduced caffeine coffee alternative. 

The big secret to their success is nootropics. 

After seeing that all of the reviews online are exceptional, and the recent popularity and TV appearance, we thought it was about time to review the coffee ourselves. 

So, let’s get into it: 

Who are London Nootropics

After two years of development, Zain and Shez launched their brand London Nootropics in March 2020. They had seen the potential for adapt agents and strove to make a product which made adaptions easily accessible delicious and also convenient. Coffee seemed to be the perfect delivery system.

Two years later, the pair made an appearance on BBC One’s Dragons’ Den and definitely made a splash. They accepted an investment offer from two dragons Deborah Meaden and Sarah Davies, as well as capturing the imagination of thousands of new customers.

Interestingly, the brand has developed three unique coffee plants and has expanded its range into merchandise. The t-shirts look very interesting indeed and the ceramic coffee cups.


The Products

First of all, the packaging, presentation and feel of the products are way beyond anything we have tested before. The quality of the packaging is exceptional, and we really apricated the personal feel to the note! Little details like this go a very long way these days. 

Our package arrived via the royal mail and took a couple of days to arrive. 


Mojo Coffee

As you should expect from the name, the London Nootropics Mojo coffee blend contains two adaptogenic ingredients: Cordyceps & Ginsing. For those who are unfamiliar with either, Cordyceps are a mushroom species found most commonly in the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. The fungi can be produced in the lab, however, the most valuable examples of fruit found fruiting from the corpses of insects. It sounds grim but it is partly why they are full of good stuff.  The benefits of concepts include increased vitality and lung capacity.

Ginsing is also gaining popularity for being a clean and potent way of boosting your energy, vitality and cognitive function get all the benefits of caffeine without the dreaded caffeine crash. Plus, it is a great way to boost your immune system.


Zen Coffee

From personal experience, we know a few things about CBD (like CBD oils and gummies) and Ashwaghanha; the two adaptogens added to the London Nootropics Zen coffee. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from hemp which has been linked to a variety of health and well-being benefits, including stress relief, reduction in anxiety and better sleep. The extract is also said to contain natural terpenes which are naturally relaxing. 

Similarly, Ashwagandha is attributed to having a calming effect as well as regulating hormonal balance within the body. Interestingly enough, AShwagandha is becoming increasingly popular with bodybuilders as it has also been linked with testosterone support, and the potential to improve vitality in men

Calming coffee sounds counterproductive but what Zen coffee provides is a boost of energy, without the anxiety associated with too much caffeine. So, if you have a stressful day ahead grab a zen coffee and make sure you have a clear and easy head on your shoulders. 


Flow Coffee

Finally, flow coffee will undoubtedly help you get into your flow. The adaptogen coffee contains two very interesting ingredients Lion’s Mane mushroom and Rhodiola which are two ingredients linked to a significant amount of cognitive protective abilities. 

Lion’s Mane is a mushroom which grows in a huge shaggy mass and looks like a Lion’s Mane. The mushroom is being used increasingly to improve cognitive function; things like focus, memory and concentration. It has been found to protect your brain and contains a chemical which encourages new pathways for your neurones. It is making you smarter!

Rhodiola is a flower extract which reduces stress and increases mood and concentration. It is being increasingly used for those who are suffering from burnout.

We found that the coffee tasted slightly nutty and really got the juices flowing. It was a little bit like the feeling on a warm summer’s morning. On top of the world! 


Would we Recommend London Nootropics? 

For £15, we would say that the coffee is on the luxury end of lifestyle improvement. Regardless, the quality of the coffee and the ingredients is exceptional. What you’re buying is not coffee, you’re paying for what the coffee provides to your daily life. Wether you need a cognitive boost of a dose of zen. 

After the experience, we would recommend London Nootropics and will be giving some samples to friends and family to try out!


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