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I Tried a ‘Liposomal’ Mulitvitamin – Was it worth the extra pennies?

Healthy and Nutrition is something I am quite passionate about. Everyday well-being, to me, is a small ritual that provides a little extra energy and confidence in my body. It’s like brushing your teeth… just for your insides.

Always before the day and after a workout.

Recently, there has been a new craze in the USA about a new type of supplement; liposomal. I had no idea what it was but knew it was new so when I found a Liposomal multivitamin online, I decided to try it out.

To pre-text this article; I am a regular supermarket multivitamin user. A simple tablet into a glass of water, a couple of healthy food tablets and some CBD. I don’t think that I really thought too much about what I was taking or the science behind everything. So let’s get into the science.


What is a Liposomal Supplement?

A ‘liposomal’ supplement is something really interesting, and the technology is now being used in medicines. The technology was developed to overcome our body’s natural resistance to certain compounds.

Most vitamins (like vitamin C) are ‘water-soluble’ which means that they mix with water and can be easily put into a drink. Like my fizzy tablets.

The compounds find their way into your tummy and try to enter the cells via your digestive system, but it has a lot of trouble. The cell uses a transporter chemical called SCV2 (obvious a scientist named this) to draw the vitamins from the gut, into the cell. The limitation of this system is that SCV2 can only carry a very small amount at a time, and the cell can only process so much. The process of absorption is quite slow but the digestive process is fairly fast.

When your call has chomped through the vitamin C it has and wants more of that vitamin C goodness, it’s already gone. Gone in your very expensive, often very orange, pee. From what it seems like, a massive waste of money.

Liposomal multivitamins and supplements are designed slightly differently and are made to be ‘fat-soluble’. The compound is encapsulated in a tiny bubble of fat called a Phospholipid; the outer layer of which is very similar to the cell membrane. The technology was stolen from the phospholipids found in human breast milk (thanks mum).

Once the bubbles are in your tummy, the outer layer protects the compounds from the harsh digestive system and delivers the payload directly into the cell in full.

The supplement that I use has some studies to back it up – they say that the levels of the vitamin is 40x higher and stay there for 60x longer. They studied the presence of Vitamin C in blood serum after a subject injected vitamin C and liposomal vitamin C.


My Liposomal Multivitamin Review

As aforementioned, I like to take a vitamin or two. I have done for years. I think I can sum up my opinion on Liposomal supplements by telling you that I have traded out the old water-soluble tablets and replaced them with a Liposomal. Even though it was nearly 10x more expensive.

The reason why was clear after a couple of days of taking the supplement. I felt livelier, more alert, stronger and faster in the gym. This could be put down to placebo, but I genuinely feel as though the Liposomal formula made a difference to the way I felt generally.

I purposely did not change my routine – just the supplement.

I ask myself – am I really going to spend £30 a month on something that I had previously spent £3 on? It was a battle between scrambled head and lighter pocket. I get that not everybody can afford a 10x increase on their supplement game, but if you can it is worth it. You’re getting something that is scientifically 40x more effective. Did it make my day 40x better? No. Maybe 10.

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