Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum is a wonderful art museum based in the Holland Park area of Kensington and Chelsea, London. We wanted to highlight this underrated location because although it is often closed, it is well worth a look when it is open to visitors.

What makes the Leighton House Museum so special?

As you can probably tell from the picture, the museum doesn't exactly look like your typical boring museum building. This is because the building was previously the home of painter Frederic Leighton, who is best-known for paintings such as Flaming June. The museum is also famous for the Qa'a in the building, which is a type of roofed reception room often found in Islamic buildings.
The building has been a museum since 1929, and has also been used in music videos such as the video for 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet.
Like the design of the building, the collection of art housed within is also impressive. It features most of the famous paintings by Leighton, as well as many excellent paintings from other artists including Madonna of the Candleabra by Antonio Rossellino and The Widower by Luke Filde.

Visiting Leighton House Museum

Usually, the museum is open every day apart from Tuesdays, however it is closed at the moment for renovations and will reopen in Spring 2022.

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