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Leffe Non Alcoholic Beer – What we thought?

The sheer number of non-alcohol beer options is exploding. We think this is genuinely great. More options give rise to a bigger culture of non-alcoholic beers.

Some may say that this is a pointless venture, but we have come to love that refreshing cold beer feeling on a Friday night, and not suffering for it the day after.

Leffe is one of our favour alcoholic beers, with a unique sweet blonde beer with notes of floral vanilla honey and a slight spice of clove. It is a complex, bold and beautiful beer that you can drink all evening. Seeing as though the Abby in Belgium has been producing beer since 1240, it is no wonder why it has become so popular in the UK.

Thankfully, too there is now a Leffe Non-alcoholic beer that you can enjoy if you’ve decided to take a break from alcohol, but still want to quench your thirst with a beer.

You can find them in your local Sainsbury’s or on next day delivery with Amazon UK.


Leffe Blond Non-Alcoholic Review

Non-alcoholic beer often suffers from the fact that there is something missing. Alcohol doesn’t just get you drunk but adds flavour, texture and a bite that makes a beer so moreish. Often zero alcoholic beers can taste watery or lack flavour completely – it makes them almost undrinkable unless they are as cold as ice.

Thankfully, the Leffe Non-Alcoholic beer we tried did not fail in flavour. It is the only non-alcoholic beer (other than Guinness 0.0%) that has even come close to the flavour, and feeling of the full alcoholic version.



In a similar way to the original full-alcohol beer, the Leffee has a wonderful floral sweetness and a slight bitterness given out by the cloves. While the Leffe non-alcoholic beer isn’t perfect, it is the closest you’re going to get without adding alcohol.

The best serving temperature is roughly 5 degrees, which would be right out of the fridge. So long as the beer is ice cold, you’re likely to have a wonderful alcohol-free evening.

It is also worth pointing out that each 250ml of non-alcoholic beer is 100 calories, which is 45 calories less than the alcoholic alternative. It does not seem very much but adds up over an evening, not to mention the negative side effects of alcohol on your body too.


Where to buy the Leffe Zero Alcohol?

The best place to pick up a box of the Leffe non-alcoholic beer is likely a  supermarket. We picked ours up from Sainsbury’s, so check out your local and ask if they stick this beer. Otherwise, Leffe suggests that you purchase the beer in cans on the beer hawk website. A box of 24 cans is £24 making each can roughly £1 (without added shipping costs).

The alternative is amazon. You’re able to pick up a 24-pack of bottles for £18 with free prime delivery. This may be the quickest and cheapest option if you buy this beer online.

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