Kiss The Hippo Coffee Review

So, recently we put together an article about the best coffee beans from the UK. The brand which repeatedly was mentioned within every other article on the same subject mentioned Kiss the Hippo coffee.

Before we wrote the article we reached out to Kiss the Hippo to review their products and see what the hype was all about.

In short, we were so impressed that we decided to write a full review of the coffee (and brand) to tell you how amazing they are. We have not been paid for this article or been encouraged to write this article; we just love the coffee this much.

So, let's get into the grind of this company.


Who is Kiss the Hippo

More than a quirky name, Kiss the Hippo is an innovative coffee specialist from London. Not only do they acquire exceptional (also sustainable, organic and planet-friendly) coffee from around the globe, they roast their coffee in the state-of-the-art roastery in London.

Their story began in 2018, when the company opened their roastery. Since then the company has expanded out into a number of cafes where they train the baristas to an extremely high standard. So high that they have won the UK Barista Championships three years running, and why they've got the skills to run SCA Certified Premier Training Campus. This is where kiss the hippo baristas learn the trade.

To add to this, they are members of the Speciality Coffee Association, Coffee Roasters Guild, the Barista Guild and Alliance for Coffee Excellence.


Kiss the Hippo Coffee Review

Before we begin to talk about the coffee we should first address the service and delivery.

Our package was delivered extremely quickly in a nice mailing box and bag. We got the coffee test pack which is beautifully presented.

Each coffee bean came in its own little section with a card describing where the coffee comes from and the tasting notes. Loved it.


Kiss The Hippo Coffee Beans

The first coffee we tried was from Honduras.

How many people, this coffee may be an acquired taste down to the whiney quality of the coffee. The acidity and body are quite pungent and is very reminiscent of a coffee you may find from East Africa. So, if you love Kenyan or Tanzanian coffee, then you'll love this.

On the nose, the coffee has a very floral aroma which is sweet, but there is an element of acidity that lingers right at the back of your nose. It has a lovely aroma of tart fruits and burned caramel.

The coffee itself brews into a beautiful cherry red colour, and the whiny, almost sour, acidity hits first. It is followed by a fresh floral flavour of sour cherry and sweet toasted nuts. Very interesting.

Kiss the hippo coffee packet

The Brazilian coffee we tasted from kiss the hippo was my personal favourite of the three. This full-bodied coffee offered an almost throat-punch strength with delicate floral notes of sweet fruit and nuts.

The smell of the coffee instantly filled the room as soon as we opened the beans. The first notes are surprisingly super sweet. The aromas developed once the coffee was ground and the notes of burned nuts really started to come through.

The coffee to drink is a real comforting punch to the throat. The coffee is heavy with flavour - with peppery notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts and a beautiful sweet floral high note. It could be easily confused with caramel but, there is a tropical element which makes me agree with the description of dried mango.

Kiss the hippo coffee packet

The coffee from Costa Rica is another super interesting coffee bean. The first element I noticed smelling the bean itself is a peppery, spice that is wrapped in a sweet caramel. It is like spiced, burned caramel.

When ground the coffee's sweet and fruity elements start to creep through the overwhelming sweetness.

To taste the coffee is super full-bodied and has a rich dark chocolatey baseline. There is a fruitiness that lingers after each sip. It almost has the back-notes of a jam. A sweet treat with this coffee would balance out the heavy chocolate flavours and heighten the sweetness!

Kiss the hippo coffee packet

Kiss The Hippo Coffee Pods

We have yet to fully test the coffee pods, but from the look of things they are as thoughtful as the coffee.

From the outlook, the coffee pods are 100% compostable and there are three different blends depending on your mood (or time of day even).

Once we fully explore the pods we will finish this article in full.

Kiss the hippo Pods

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