Kintyre 66 – travel this route around the West of Scotland

The Kintyre 66 route is a 66-mile loop around Kintyre, a peninsula in the West of Scotland. The route was designed to allow people to explore the area fully, taking in the beautiful sea views and taking in views of Gigha, Islay, and Jura to the west and Arran to the east.

We wanted to highlight the Kintyre 66 because it is a fantastic route to take if you want to explore the best parts of Western Scotland. Let's get into the specifics of the route:


Where is Kintyre?

So, where is Kintyre? Many think it is way up in the highlands but in reality, it is on the end of a western peninsular, west of the Isle of Arran and slightly south of the city of Glasgow. To get to Kintyre may require a bit of a detour as far north as Inveraray, and back south towards Campbeltown.

How do you travel the route (& How Long is it)?

At 66 miles in length, this is definitely a driving route (in the same way the North Coast 500 is), but you can arrive in Kintyre via air or ferry if you like. You can start from Tarbert and head down to the Kilbrannan Sound coast. From there, you can follow the same road all the way down to Campbeltown, and then you can loop round towards Torrisdale. At Carradale you can jump onto Saddell Bay, which is probably the most beautiful beach that Kintyre has to offer (plus you get views of Arran from the sand).

As we say, there is no right way to travel the Kintyre 66. But this is probably the best way to do it. This is a more chilled alternative to the North Coast 500.


How Long Does It Take To Drive the Kintyre 66?

The answer to how long it takes to drive the Kintyre 66 is completely up to you. After all, the route is only 66 miles so it is easily driven within a few hours if you wanted to.
The whole point of the route is to enjoy it, to stop off at the walking trails, coastlines, castles and beaches.
If you plan to drive the route, consider a few stops along the way and make sure you stay overnight in at least one of the many beautiful hotels on the way. You'll not regret it.
Kintyre 66 Map

What is there to see along the route?

There is plenty to see across the 66 miles, but here are a few highlights:


Achamore Gardens, Gigha

The 54-acre gardens on Gigha are home to a variety of unusual plants and trees from around the world, and are beautiful to explore.

Ballochroy Standing Stones

3 standing stones might not sound special, but these stones are special - this is a megalithic site shrowded in mystery, as nobody knows the meaning of why the stones were stood there.

Davaar Island

This is a tidal island that is attached to the mainland via a natural causeway that can be crossed during low tide. The island is very peaceful and relaxing and there is an impressive cave to visit.

Skipness Castle

This is an early 13th-century castle that has been rebuilt a few times over the years and therefore reflects architectural styles from different time periods.

St Columba’s Footprints

There is an ancient large footprint the Mull of Kintyre that is allegedly the real footprint of St Columba


Specific travel information

The trail is quite loose and doesn't really have an exact route, but if you're looking for a specific route then this what we recommend:

  • As you leave Inverness, follow the A9 northwards over the Kessock Bridge to the Black Isle
  • Follow the signs towards Groam House Museum, Rosemarkie
  • You can continue from here across the Cromarty – Nigg car ferry or follow the coast road around the Black Isle to Dingwall and Strathpeffer

If you're interested in similar walks but at the opposite end of Scotland, check out the Borders Abbey Way.

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