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Kefir in coffee – we tried it so you don’t have to

Once upon a time, Kefir could only be found at the far ends of the dairy aisles in pricey, slightly strange health shops. But nowadays, kefir is becoming more and more mainstream, and you can find lots of great kefir available to buy. You'll find it on the shelves of most large supermarkets, which is quite remarkable really given that not many people knew about this probiotic product only a few years ago.

As kefir becomes more popular, people have started to experiment with it a bit more. One of the trends we've seen pop up in a few places is putting kefir in coffee. If that sounds weird to you then worry not, we feel the same way. But alas, we thought we'd give it a try to see what happened and if there was any benefit to it. Let's get into it:

Are there any benefits to putting kefir in coffee?

We're not really sure why so many people are putting kefir in their coffee, but it definitely seems to be a thing. We've seen a few threads on forums and places like Reddit where users have tried this with mixed results, so I guess we just want to jump on this bandwagon and see if we felt any benefits.

What kefir should you use for this?

A lot of kefir is sold as a drink, and although we think that would work pretty well, we decided to go for slightly thicker kefir. Yeo Valley do a really popular kefir so we went for that one. The consistency was similar to zero fat Greek yoghurt, and the taste was similar too.

Yeo Valley kefir did it go?

Ok so in short, we won't be mixing kefir with coffee again any time soon. It wasn't horrible by any means, but it just didn't taste great nor did it mix particularly well.

Final thoughts

We'd say you're probably best consuming your kefir and coffee separately, but that's just us. Why not give it a shot yourself and see how it goes.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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