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Is the Pret Coffee Subscription Worth it?

While you could get yourself a local, craft coffee, the queues can be ridiculous and a coffee every day catches up to you. Pret is the ideal place to drop in and grab a great coffee at a decent price - plus there is one on every corner (especially in London).

The decision was made (by an annoyed, tired, caffeine-deprived me) to commit to Pret and buy the pret subscription. So - is the Pret coffee subscription worth it? Let's get discussing.

Is it worth it for Pret Coffee?

If you're anything like me - I drink a worrying amount of Coffee. I'm just into my 30's so I don't think I need to worry about the habit, just yet. Some days I could reach 3 or 4 coffees which gets really (really) expensive.

The Coffee at Pret - to me - does exactly what it needs to. It tastes good enough, you get a nice cup and it fills you with caffeine so you can smile at least a few times throughout the day. It is, for sure, better than an instant coffee in the office. Anything to not use the 25 year old tea staned communal cups, or speak to anybody. God forbid.

The Pret Coffee Subscription makes perfect sense to me. It costs £25 a month on a rolling subscription and what you get for this is surprisingly worth it. The scheme offers up to 5 barista made drinks a day (30 minutes between refills) and you can get your first month for free. That is so worth it.

Even if you take the cheapest Coffee on the menu (a Black Americano) it will cost you £2.95 per time. If you drink at least one a day (roughly 20 work days in the month) then that will cost you a huge £79 a month. If you want to go crazy and have 5 drinks a day, that would cost £395 per month. All of this, can be enjoyed for just £25. Therefore, I would say that the Pret Coffee subscription is deffinatly worth it.


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