Is Star Name Registry legit? We take an honest look

It can often be so difficult to know what to buy people for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas, particularly people who haven't asked for anything specific. This can be an opportunity to buy them something really quirky and interesting that they might never have thought of asking for.

But so often, these novelty types of gifts can be a bit hit and miss - and some of them are downright scams, so you really need to have your wits about you when you're looking into this type of gift.


Naming a star after someone is a great example of a gift like this - it's a bit of fun,
Despite seeming like something which would be quite a niche gift, there are actually quite a few companies which offer people the chance to name a star after someone as a gift. The biggest company that we could find was a brand called Star Name Registry, which sounds very official. We thought we'd take a close look at Star Name Registry to see how legit it is, let's get into it:

What is the Star Name Registry actually offering?

The company claims not only that you can buy a name for a star as a gift, but that you'll actually be able to see it from Earth (fortunately you don't need to buy a spaceship). Once you've decided what you want the name of your star to be (you can call it literally anything you want, trust us we tried a lot of names!), you can then select what constellation you want the star to be in. You need to pay a bit extra if you want a specific constellation such as Andromeda (£9.99 in the case of Star Name Registry), and you can also pay the same amount to have a star which is visible from a specific country.

Star Name Registry

One part of the Star Name Registry customisation process was getting to choose the brightness of our star, with the option to pay an extra £14.99 for an "Extra Bright" star. We're not sure if the team at Star Name Registry can control the brightness of a star, but it's a nice idea.


There are a bunch of other extras that you can choose from, including a rather nice-looking A4 map which shows exactly where to spot the star. You also get a deed which shows that you officially own a star (similar to what Highland Titles gives you), and you can pay extra to have this deed framed or customised in a few ways.

Positive Experiences

Although we're very skeptical about the legitimacy of this type of gift, there is no denying that there are thousands of people online who are clearly delighted to have been given the gift of a star named after them from the Star Name Registry. The Trustpilot for the brand is currently sitting with a rating of 'Excellent' from more than 17,000 reviews. That's crazy! A look through the reviews on the Trustpilot shows plenty of write-ups from people who have both given and received a gift from the Star Name Registry, and most of them seem delighted with what they gave/received, as well as the service from the Star Name Registry team.
Star Name Registry Trustpilot

So, is the Star Name Registry legit?

Despite initially being very skeptical of this concept, it does seem that Star Name Registry is legit.
Our advice would be to take this type of gift with a big pinch of salt - Star Name Registry doesn't actually own these stars, that's impossible. This is a bit of fun and should be treated as such.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to decide whether or not to buy a gift from Star Name Registry. Let us know what you think and if you'd like us to review any other similar brands!

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