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Is Oatibix healthy? We take a close look

Published by Finn Hayden

One of our most popular guides is about how healthy Weetabix is, and off the back of this guide we've had a lot of people contact us about another popular cereal within the Weetabix range, Oatibix. When Oatibix was launched, many people thought of it as a healthier alternative to the standard Weetabix cereal, but is that actually true? Well, we decided to take a close look at Oatibix to see how healthy it actually is, let's get into it:

What is Oatibix made from?

Just like Weetabix, Oatibix is a very simple product - it's 96% wholegrain oats, so there's actually a higher percentage of oats in Oatibix than there is Wholegrain Wheat in Weetabix (albeit only 1% more). The rest of what you'll find in Oatibix is Malted Barley Extract, Sugar, Salt, and some added vitamins and minerals, which is exactly the same as you'll find in Weetabix, so the 2 cereals are very similar.


What is the nutritional breakdown of Oatibix?

We'll try to compare Oatibix to Weetabix where we can as we concluded that Weetabix is healthy compared to most other cereals. We should start by mentioning that Oatibix is quite a bit higher in calories compared to Weetabix, with 390kcal per 100g in Oatibix compared to 362kcal per 100g in Original Weetabix. A 28 calorie difference might seem quite insignificant, but if you think about that difference across a month of eating Oatibix for breakfast instead of Weetabix, you'll see that it starts to add up.

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We also found it quite interesting that Oatibix contained quite a bit more fat than Weetabix - 8g of fat in Oatibix per 100g compared to only 2g of fat per 100g in Weetabix. Oatibix also contains 0.4g more sugar compared to Weetabix but actually contains less salt.
Although Oatibix might not be quite as healthy as Weetabix, it's still much healthier than most other cereals that you'll find on supermarket shelves. For example, Oatibix contains 12g less sugar per 100g compared to Coco Pops, as well as containing almost a third of the salt that you'll find in the popular chocolate Kellog's cereal (0.23g of salt in Oatibix versus 0.65g in Coco Pops). However, it is worth mentioning that Oatibix actually contains 8 more calories per 100g compared to Coco Pops.
Also, as is the case with Weetabix, Oatibix is fortified with additional vitamins and minerals to provide additional benefits. These are exactly the same as what you'll find in Weetabix - Niacin, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid. Oatibix is also very high in fibre at 8.8g of fibre per 100g of cereal. This is 1.2g less than you'll find in Weetabix per 100g, but it's still a significant amount. And lastly, the real standout nutritional aspect of Oatibix is the protein content - the cereal contains 12g of protein per 100g.


So, is Oatibix healthy?

So in conclusion, we'd say that Oatibix is definitely healthier than most cereals, particularly as it is very low in sugar and packs a good amount of protein. However, we'd have to say that Weetabix is probably healthier than Oatibix, given that Oatibix is higher in calories, higher in sugar, and contains less fibre. Please let us know in the comments what you think of our guide, and if you're a fan of Oatibix. If you're looking for similar guides, we have a guide about high fibre cereal you can buy in the UK and also a guide about high protein cereal.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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  • Chris Moore

    It’s probably worth factoring in beta glucan content – this is beneficial in cholesterol management and Oatibix is a good source.

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