Is inhaling Olbas Oil good for you – and does it get rid of a cold?

If you don’t love the smell of Olbas oil, who are you? Why not and are you a real person? 

Olbas oil is a personal friend of mine, in the steam room, in my washing machine or when I am stuffed up with the cold. It’s used for almost everything in my house, and I swear by it. So, today I decided to do some research into whether inhaling Olbas oil is good for you, and whether it can help to get rid of a cold. 

This post is more for my benefit, but seeing as though you’re here, it will be of benefit to you too!


Is inhaling Olbas Oil good for you?

So, is inhaling Olbas Oil good? Well, it can give you relief from respiratory discomfort and congestion. The oil’s formulation, composed of essential oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, cajeput, juniper berry, and wintergreen, contains compounds known for their potential therapeutic properties. Eucalyptus oil, for instance, contains eucalyptol, which is recognized for its bronchodilatory and mucolytic effects – opening up your airways and making you feel human again. Peppermint oil contributes menthol, known for its analgesic and decongestant attributes too.

When inhaled, the botanicals can stimulate sensory receptors within the nasal passages and respiratory tract, triggering physiological responses that might offer temporary relief from congestion or being stuffed up. So it can absolutely be good for you.

However, it’s important to approach the use of Olbas Oil with discretion. While you or I may find relief and comfort from its inhalation, if you have a sensitivity to any of the essential oils then you may experience some negitive effects. If you’re pregnant or have been advised to steer clear from certain oils, then make sure to use caution before spraying yourself with some Olbas oil.

If you’re sure, perform a patch test to assess individual sensitivities is a recommended precaution. If you have preexisting respiratory conditions, allergies, or other health concerns, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using Olbas Oil or any other similar products.

In terms of scientific validation or proof of these benefits, while studies on Olbas Oil specifically might be limited, research on the individual constituents of the oil lends credibility to its potential benefits. Eucalyptol, menthol, and other compounds found in Olbas Oil have been subject to scientific investigation for their effects on respiratory wellness, which can indirectly support the use of Olbas Oil for inhalation therapy.


Does Olbas oil get rid of a cold?

Olbas Oil, despite its aromatic allure and potential respiratory benefits, does not possess the ability to eradicate a common cold. Sadly. The common cold is caused by a viral infection (typically rhinoviruses) and it is your body’s immune response which determines whether the cold goes away, or not. Olbas Oil’s primary mode of action is to offer symptomatic relief rather than to eliminate the underlying viral infection.

Olbas Oil’s inhalation is absolutely wonderful when you have a cold, and is a soothing part of the journey you take while recovering from a cold, but it’s crucial to manage your expectations of the oil. It does not work miracles. Relying solely on Olbas Oil to “get rid of” a cold is unrealistic. Hydration, rest, and the support of the immune system (vitamin C, some CBD and honey/lemon tea are my go-to remedies) are key factors in recovering from a cold, and medical guidance should be sought if symptoms are severe or persistent.

The effects of Olbas oil are short-lived and only last for a few hours at most, they do not combat – or kill – viruses in any way. So no, Olbas oil does not get rid of a cold


Final Thoughts

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