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Is Angel Delight healthy? We take a close look at how good this dessert is for you

Angel Delight

Published by Finn Hayden

Angel Delight is one of those products which feels like it has been around forever here in the UK. It has a very old-school feel, and was actually launched in the late 60s by the Bird's company. Despite being around for more than 50 years, the product itself has changed very little from its first incarnation - it's a powdered dessert that you mix with milk to make a fluffy, light mousse, and is especially popular with kids.

Compared to other desserts like ice cream and cakes, it would seem that Angel Delight is much lighter and therefore much healthier. But is this true?

Well, in short, yes - for the most part, Angel Delight is healthier compared to other popular desserts such as ice cream and cake in terms of sugar content and calories. However, it really depends on which variety you buy and how much you eat.

Let's break down what we mean in a bit more detail:

What types of Angel Delight are there?

Many people are familiar with the popular flavours of Angel Delight such as Strawberry and Butterscotch, but not many people realise that there have been lots of varieties over the years, all of which vary in terms of how healthy they actually are for you. For example, at one point there was a coffee flavoured Angel Delight, made with actual coffee, which isn't exactly great for kids to consume. But the modern varieties of Angel Delight are much more child-friendly - in the case of the fruit-flavoured Angel Delight such as Strawberry and Banana, they're made with real fruit and no artificial colours or flavours. And even the popular Butterscotch variety is made with all-natural flavours, which is quite impressive.

There are also no added sugar varieties of 2 of the Angel Delight flavours, Strawberry and Butterscotch. These varieties have way less sugar compared to the standard varieties as you'd imagine, but do still contain some naturally ocurring sugar.

What are the nutritional stats of Angel Delight?

Although there is a no added sugar variety of Angel Delight, we'll start by looking at the nutritional stats of the 2 most popular standard varieties - Strawberry and Butterscotch. Per 92g portion (56g sachet), the Strawberry Angel Delight contains 12.7g of sugar and 110 calories. The Butterscotch Angel Delight contains slightly less sugar per 56g sachet at 12.3g of sugar, and almost the same amount of calories at 109kcal. Interestingly, the no added sugar variety of the Strawberry Angel Delight still contains 90 calories, so not a huge amount less than the standard variety. If you compare these stats to something like a large apple, Angel Delight is lower in both sugar and calories, which is quite impressive. And if you compare Angel Delight to something like a slice of cake, you'll see that Angel Delight is way lower in sugar and calories.

back of Angel Delight packet

Is there anything else unhealthy included in Angel Delight?

Yes - we noticed that the no added sugar varieties of Angel Delight contained a couple of ingredients which could be deemed as unhealthy. For example, Maltodextrin is found in all of the no added sugar Angel Delight products, and Maltodextrin has been shown to spike your blood sugar levels.

Back of Angel Delight butterscotch

Final thoughts

So to conclude, we certainly wouldn't say that Angel Delight is unhealthy. It's reasonably low in sugar and calories, and also makes use of natural flavours and colours which is nice to see. However, we would say that Angel Delight isn't particularly filling compared to other desserts, so some kids might find themselves wanting to snack after dinner.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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  • Viccky

    If you read the ingredients list, Angel Delight is mostly artificial chemical preservatives, thickeners and fillers. It is most definitely not healthy!
    Better to whip some cream, purée some strawberries and sugar and fold in the cream. That is far healthier!

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