Is someone who is 6 feet considered tall?

tall guys at the back, please
tall guys at the back, please

Published by Finn Hayden

Not long ago, seeing a person who was over 6 feet tall was pretty uncommon. But nowadays, it feels like everyone you see is over 6 feet tall, particularly young men. So can we really call someone who is 6 feet "tall" any more? We wanted to take a look at this sensitive topic and answer this question once and for all, to highlight how it really depends on a number of factors and isn't a straightforward question. Let's get into it:

What is the current average height of men in the UK?

We should start this by saying that getting data about average heights in the UK is actually very difficult - not just because of the scale of the studies that would need to be undertaken, but also because men have the propensity to lie about their height.

But we did find some data which showed that the average height of men in the UK as of 2020 was 5ft 10in. So seeing as that the average height is under 6ft, by definition being 6ft and over is tall (i.e, above the national average).

Back in 2010, the average height of a male in the UK was 5ft 9in. So you can see how in the last decade, the definition of "tall" really is slowing shifting and many people who grew up being called tall may find themselves closer to the average height. Who knows, by 2030 the average height of the male population in the UK might be 6ft, and then being a 6ft bloke will no longer be considered as being tall.

But then this raises the question - is being only a few inches over the national average really worthy of being called "tall"? We wouldn't say so, even though by definition you're taller than most people in the country. When we think of a tall person, we think of someone who is visibly much taller than most of the people around them, not just someone who is a few inches above the average. But maybe that's just our point of view!

What about women?

Before you even read this article, we imagine that most of you could guess that a woman who is 6ft and over is definitely considered tall, and is well above the national average height for females here in the UK. We actually have some pretty clear data about the national average height for women in the UK (probably because they don't feel the need to lie as much) - 5ft 3in at the start of 2022, meaning a 6ft woman would definitely be considered tall.

Final thoughts

We've tried to apply some science to the question of whether or not 6ft is considered tall by looking at statistics, but it's worth mentioning that being tall is mostly relative to the people around you. Often, girls who say they like tall guys don't really mean tall guys over 6ft, they mean guys who are taller than them. So even if you're under 6ft in height, there are probably lots of people out there who would consider you tall!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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  • Pov

    I’m from the UK and I’ve always asked this. I was born in the 90’s and I am 6″0.5 (184cm). I feel above average yes, but not “tall”, I would say 6″2 and up is a solid tall.

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