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Innosups – Inno Cleanse Review

Recently, we've written a number of weight-loss and fitness supplement reviews. All of these contain natural ingredients and claim to help with everything from hormone balance, cognitive function boosting and building of muscle.

We came across a strange product from the USA that does not seem to be openly sold in the UK but is hailed as a 'wonder product' for losing weight and maintaining a healthy gut. That product is Inno Cleanse by Innosups.

Innosups is a popular brand with Instagram influencers and social media stars. Although, it can't be overlooked that their Trustpilot profile is full of crushingly poor reviews.

Today, we decided to write a little bit about the product, what it is for and where to buy it in the UK.



What is Inno Cleanse?

It seems as though Inno Cleanse is a supplement which is designed to flush out toxins (which accumulate in the gut) and to reset your digestive system. The purpose is the support a healthy digestive system, reduces bloating and constipation, and promotes better hunger regulation.

In short, the product gets to work to eliminate waste and, in turn, reduces your waist size, gives you more energy and helps to make you look and feel better. They offer a money-back guarantee too.

The capsules contain a proprietary blend of natural ingredients which are said to soothe and loosen your digestive system.



Inno Cleanse website

The Ingredients

The ingredients within Inno Cleanse are indeed 100% natural. From Cinnamon extract (a natural laxative), Aloe (soothing and Anti-inflammatory), Fennel Seed (Source of fibre and hunger-fighting), Thistle Milk (good for your liver) and some other extracts which do similar things.

There is nothing in this product which can be seen as harmful, or particularly strange, but in the right combination, they could certainly help to improve gut health. Whether they are good for weight loss is another issue. We're not sure pooing your body weight constitutes as 'losing weight.


Inno Cleanse Ingredients

Where to Buy Ino Cleanse in the UK?

There are a number of Innosups products that are openly available in the UK, and on Amazon. It is actually rather hard, however, to find the Inno Cleanse product anywhere. There could be some form of regulatory issue with this product.

It is possible to purchase the product on their US website and import the goods, but this comes with an importation fee and seemingly terrible shipping quality. If you do get the products, they are likely to arrive late or without the possibility of a return (based on the reviews we have been reading through).



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