Ideas for Wonderful Golden Retriever Gifts

Golden Retrievers the best of dogs. Or at least I think so. They are unbelievably friendly, outgoing personalities and their love for us humans.

As beloved members of the family, they deserve to be showered with love and affection, and what better way to show your appreciation than with a thoughtful gift? It doesn't need to be a special occasion, there are plenty of options available to pamper your furry friend - the lovely Golden Retriever.

So, today is a happy day for your dog. We've done some digging to find the best Golden Retrievers gifts, ranging from toys and treats to practical items that will make their daily routine amazing, and share your love back for them!

Digby's Grooming Parlour

If there is anything a golden retriever wants, it is to be hugged, scrubbed and loved - they will have no clue you're cleaning them for you and your comfort - but the cuddles are all the same.

Digby's Grooming Parlour is a pretty perfect Golden Retriever gift, simply because it makes the most of their best physical feature - their coat.

The grooming parlour contains a bunch of interesting and unique grooming products that will keep your happy hap - or appetite - clean, comfy and smelling divine.

There s a wonderful, deodorant spray, an anti-bug spray, a digby dog wash and a conditioner. All for under £50. Pretty damn good, I'd say!

The Digby Grooming kit is available at John Lewis, so you can pick it up on their website or in-store (while you're looking at a new sofa, why not).



Digbys dog grooming

Anco Chicken Wings

Honestly, if somebody bought me a bag of chicken wings, I'd roll about in the grass and love them forever. Imagine how your golden puppy is going to feel?

The highlight of every dog's day has got to be treats. They love them, and when you're training a puppy, they are an essential tool for rewarding good doggy behaviour. Golden Retrievers have a particular love for treats, which makes this a particularly special gift for them.

The chicken wings are air-dried so they are hard and crunchy - which means they are great for the dogs teeth - they are completely natural and contain a whole suite of natural fats and amino acids. A right proper healthy treats, that is for certain.

If humans could eat this treat, I would be doing a one-for-me and one-for-you reward scheme!

Find a whole bag right here on Amazon UK. 




Chicken Wings

Cool Places - Dog-Friendly Britain

There is a recurring theme here, a gift for your golden retriever is pretty much always going to also be a gift for you.

How about, go on holiday and take your furry friend to a new place to explore, frolic and get muddy? After all, there is no other breed of dog that likes to get themselves into the right mess and run about. That's why you'd buy Digby's Grooming Parlour on the way!

Cool Places has published a book which contains all of the best places to take your dog. Getting dog-friendly accommodation can be challenging, and if you find one, it doesn't always mean the area is so great around it.

So, grab yourself one of these books and start planning your next adventures.

The book is in most good book shops, but with them being few and far between, you can grab it from Amazon UK too.




Dog Friendly Britain Book

Tick Tool

Like we've mentioned in every entry so far, golden retrievers love to get themselves into the bushes and into a lot of fun!

The problem begins when your furry friend, picks up little friends of their own: ticks. Ticks are little insects that jump from the grass and onto your dog's fur. They then climb up onto the skin and start to feed on blood!

The issue with these little blighters is that they are quite hard to sport, not very comfy for your pal and may transmit some quite nasty diseases.

What you need as a staple for your golden retriever's gift is a tick tool, so that they may roam and frolic in long grass for all day long, and you can treat them to a lovely scrub and groom to remove any ticks or bugs hiding in their golden hair.

You. Are. Welcome.

Check it out here:

Tick Tool

Beco Soft Toy

Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. That is the best of golden retriever gifts. They just love cuddles.

So, when you're tired and would prefer not to have your face licked for a bit, you need to get your pal a new cuddle buddy. Here is the Beco soft toy from Pets at Home. It is available in other places online, but the best place to get it is in store.

It is a cute, robust and soft toy that is perfect to be rag-dolled and loved until it's stitches come undone.

I have had friends who have struggled to find this particular toy, but you can get very similar ones on Amazon for slightly cheaper.

Beco Soft Toy

Final Thoughts

Well, that concludes our round-up of the best gifts for a golden retriever, and I'm pretty sure you'd be happy to receive any of these suggestions.

If you have any other products or gifts that you'd also like to see on the post, add them to the comments!

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