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Huel Daily Greens Review – Let’s see what we think of this greens powder

Nowadays, every big well-being brand is launching a green powder or some kind of AG1 Alternative. Unsurprisingly, some are better than others, as we outlined in our guide to the best greens powders we've tried.

It was a few weeks ago now that we saw Steven Bartlett online promoting Huel's new daily greens product. As we have been researching and writing regularly about this trending product category, we thought that this one may be one to give a right old look over.

Let's get into our review:


In summary, the Huel greens taste great and cover the basics for a healthy lifestyle. It is packed with energy, vitamins and minerals from a mixture of fruit, vegetables, adaptogens and mushrooms. This blend is fantastic as a quick and easy boost to your day if you are in the office, or to put into your water bottle as a healthy flavouring.

Where we see a potential pitfall is that there is not a huge difference between this product and another alternative (say FS greens - which is a lot less expensive). It is also quite sweet and almost sticky, which means that it contain a much higher sugar content than other brands. Also, more ingredients doesn't inherently mean that it's better or more nutritious - many of the ingredients (and I mean many, at least 20 of them) are added for flavour and not much else. For example, elderberry, raspberry, and coconut nectar. 

While we still like this product from Huel, it doesn't contain active doses of the Adaptogens or Nootropics like Daemon Power Ultimate Greens does. Where Daemon Power does not have as many ingredients, they are more focused and higher-quality. Where it falls down is its flavour, but it would be much better suited to somebody who uses their greens functionally (if you're a serious gym user, runner or athlete).


What we like: The free bottle and scoops with the order and also how easy it is to take. 

What we don't like: the packaging (doesn't close properly), quite high in sugar and too sweet (if you mix this with protein powder, it tastes really weird).  


Heul Green Powder, welcome pack and bottle


What are the Ingredients of Huel Daily Greens Like?

The list of ingredients for the Huel Daily greens may be long, but it isn't slap-dash. There is some careful thought behind the ingredients. It would take all day to talk about each of the individual ingredients of the daily greens but let's take a look at a few highlights that make this product different.

Firstly, something to note is that there are a number of medicinal mushrooms in this blend. A nootropic (lion's mane) mushroom to boost brain health and two different Cordyceps mushrooms (may increase VO2 Max and lung function). It is hard to see exactly the dose so understanding how effective the mushrooms in each serving are may be a struggle, but having both phenotypes of the cordyceps is unusual... in a good way. Most other greens brands do not contain Nootropic medicinal mushrooms.

The blend also contains a number of adaptogens in the form of Genseng (multiple varieties) Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Maca root. Adaptogens are usually associated with calming the body and also increasing energy and physical performance. Substances like Ashwagandha are becoming increasingly popular and are often included in testosterone-boosting supplements and hormone support. These are essential ingredients in any good green powder and AG1 rival.

Huel has also included energy-dense and fibre-rich foods like oats and added protein. Huel is market leader in meal replacement and high-energy foods - so they understand what our bodies need to battle through long days. This green powder is somewhat a mixture between an energy drink (green coffee etc...), protein shake, and a multi-vitamin. As a morning shake, it covers multiple bases which is fantastic.

Finally, Tart Cherry is a quickly growing sleep enhancer that is not included in any of the other green powders we have reviewed, and it is nice to see that Huel has included a huge array of dark fruit powders and extracts. These aren't going to make a huge difference on their own, but a great addition as antioxidants and are actively dense in nutrition.

Overall Analysis of the ingredients is that what this product may suffer from is similar to AG1; too many ingredients at doses that are not effective. However, the RDA section gives us comfort that the greens have a very meaningful dose of vitamins and some base-layer doses of minerals. Overall, this is a very good product and better quality than others on the market.


What does Huel Daily Greens Taste Like

The flavour is one of the key selling points of the Huel greens - it does taste delicious. There is a sweet savoury flavour similar to a sweet apple porridge mix. Honestly, it is one of the best tasting green powders that we tried. Compared to other green powders, it seems that the priority here is the fruit and veg mix, rather than the Spirulina and algae in other greens.

Huel greens in cup for the review


Is Huel or AG1 Better?

Before we get into the actual product, let's look at how Huel compares to AG1.

While Huel does a great job at rivalling AG1, but, Athletic Greens still offer a superior product. Despite Huel being nearly 50% cheaper, AG1 contains more active ingredients, offers slightly better nutrition and covers many more bases than Huel's Daily Greens does. Whether or not AG1 is worth the extra money also comes down to why you're using the daily greens; many of AG1's active ingredients are more tailored to somebody with a very active lifestyle and prioritise recovery and gut health. The inclusion of CoQ10 in AG1 is an example of slightly more potent active ingredients (as opposed to simply being fruit and vegetable powders).

Heul on the other hand is more than enough to support a long day in the office, while covering the most essential daily vitamins you need for immunity, energy and focus. In full honesty, there isn't anything particularly special about the Huel daily greens, and you can easily find many of these ingredients in other green alternatives, that are of a similar price.


Is it Worth Buying?

We would say yes, but there are some considerations. The reason why you would buy this over an alternative depends on why you're taking the greens. The daily greens from Huel taste great, they are packed with ingredients that are rammed with energy. So, if you're a busy person and don't mind spending a little bit of money for an extra portion of fruit and veg, then go for it.

The issue we see is that this product, while it does cover the nutrition bases of a healthy lifestyle, there are some things missing. For instance, there are better alternatives with more potent active ingredients, like Glutathione, Co10 or even an extra boost of Magnesium.

If you want to read something similar, make sure to check out our guide to the best greens powders we've tried.

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