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How to Make Great Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

If you’re a sucker for a great cup of coffee, but the coffee maker is on the fritz and you can’t bring yourself to reach for the freeze-dried coffee, what do you do?

Yes, you can put the grinds into a cup and suffer through the grit – or have tea instead.

No! You’re going to make a coffee regardless and we will tell you exactly how to make it.


How to Make Coffee in a Pot

Coffee, at its very core, is two ingredients: coffee and water. To make a coffee in a pot is not ideal, but you’ve got to make the most of the situation. The coffee won’t be perfect and make take some time to perfect the technique, but at least you will have a fresh cup to enjoy your morning with.

So, the first thing you can do is measure out your water with your cup. Add 1 and a half cups of water into a pot (or sauce-pan) and place it on the hob. It is quicker if you boil the water first.

Once the water is on a rolling boil turn off the heat – you want to allow your water to cool slightly to a simmer so that the coffee is not burned.┬áInto the water, add 1/4 of a cup of ground coffee beans and stir gently. You should start to see the water change colour, and a creme form on top if you have quality coffee beans.

Once the beans have fully infused the coffee – strain the coffee into your cup with a fine sieve. If you do not have a sieve, wait until the beans have settled at the bottom of the pan, and slowly skim the top with a ladle.

Once your base coffee is done, you can add your milk, water and sweeteners. Get as creative as you’d like to.


Coffee in a Tea Pot

This is blasphemy – but any port in a storm right!? The principle for making coffee in a teapot is the same as making coffee in a pot. You simply need water and coffee. If you have a loose leaf tea pot then you can put the coffee into the top of the pot and pour your boiled water over the coffee and let it stew for as long as needed.

The second is to add the water, and the coffee into the pot and let it mix. Then pour the coffee into your cup, once again, using a sieve to catch all of the loose grains.


Buy One

The final option is to face the facts. Your coffee is not going to be spectacular. So, head down to your local cafe and treat yourself.



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