How to Make a Peach Melba Cocktail (Sour)

It’s hot! Currently very hot right now. So, I’ve decided to take life a little slower and enjoy it. Why not!

The one thing I adore about the nice weather is a great cocktail, and I’ve just learned how to make the best peach Melba Cocktail ever. The recipe comes from a local gin company and is genuinely delightful.

The Peach Melba Sour Cocktail draws on the classic style of a gym cocktail (gin, with foamy white top – zing of citrus and the sweetness of sugar). The cocktail can incorporate a huge range of local ingredients, no matter where you live, and has loads of diversity. It is certainly one that will impress your friends, or to slowly sip in the summer sun.

Think rich, smooth velvet textures, floral sweetness from peach and blood orange that is peaked by a fresh underpinning of mint. Then balanced with a strong backbone of dry earthy gin (this one is perfect), and the dance of sour from the Melba. Delightful.

Anyway, without more fussing here is how to make a Peach Melba Cocktail.



The Peach Melba (Sour) Recipe

1. First, get yourself a generous sprig of mint and a slice of peach. It can be fresh, but a tinned peach slice is so much better because it is generally sweeter.

2. The important bit. Add 2 servings of a really good gin. Something dry, floral with a punch.

3. Now, 1 part demerara sugar syrup. You can easily make this at home, or it can be shop-bought. I make my own so I have loads to put into different cocktails.

4. Orange here won’t cut it. It must be Blood Orange. Squeeze a whole half of the orange and half a ripe lime.

5. This is a bit of a fiddle but separates an egg. Put in half your egg white into the cocktail.

6. Give the mixture a good shush (mix) and ‘dry’ shake it to ensure the egg has emulsified.

7. Now, it is time to ‘wet’ shake it. This means to give it a good shake with ice; this will create a fluffy, foamy layer which s classic of a Gin Collins, or another classic gin cocktail. Strain into a chilled glass, and why not make it fancy?

8. Here is the fun bit. Top up with the Peach Melba Sour (Pilot Beer is a great option) and garnish with a sprig of mint, some blood orange or a fresh raspberry. Delicious.


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