How to get rid of cuddly stuffed toys (5 ideas)

Teddy bears

Kids of all ages and genders can enjoy cuddly toys, but as attached as they are to their teddy bear or plush toy when they're younger, almost all kids will outgrow their stuffed friends eventually. It's a shame, but it's part of growing up. So if you don't have any other younger kids to hand the cuddly toys down to, what are you supposed to do with them once your child has grown up and is no longer interested in them?

Well, we wanted to answer that question by giving you a few different options to try, let's get into it:

Offer them to a relative or friend 

You should definitely start by simply asking friends or family if they'd be interested in having the cuddly toys - these types of toys can be really expensive, particularly the plush toys sold by brands like Disney. And you might be surprised at how many people in your life would love to take some cuddly toys off your hands for free! This will obviously depend on the condition of the cuddly toys, as you don't want to offend someone by offering them something in awful condition. But to be honest, if you've got a cuddly toy that you're not too emotionally attached to then you could offer it to someone's dog as a chew toy (just don't let your child see!).

Take them to a charity shop (if the toys are in good condition)

One of the best things to do is take the cuddly toys to a charity shop, but this will depend on the quality of the toys entirely. If you wouldn't feel comfortable giving the toys to another child of a family member or friend, then don't take them to a charity shop. And even if they are in ok condition, definitely give them a quick wash before taking them to a charity shop.

As you can see from the image, many charity shops such as Barnardo's are very keen for people to donate cuddly toys as they are always good sellers and can help to raise good money for the charities.

teddy bear at Barnardo's

Try an organisation like The Teddy Trust

If you really want your cuddly toys to do some good, you could send them to organisations like The Teddy Trust so that they can be rehomed and sent to children in need. This organisation is run entirely by volunteers and it is recommended that you make a small donation alongside your teddy bear donation to help cover the costs of shipping. The children who receive the toys are usually living in parts of the world where life is difficult - children in countries such as Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq have all received toys from the Teddy Bear Trust over the past few years. The work they do is amazing and to know that your cuddly toy could be enjoyed by a child in a difficult situation is a great feeling. Again, you'll want to ensure that the condition of the toy is good and definitely give it a wash before sending it away. Learn more about the Teddy Trust here -

FireShot Capture 1834 - ABOUT US – The Teddy Trust -

Take them to a dump

It might seem like a shame to just dump the toys, but if the cuddly toys aren't in good condition then this is actually a much better solution than just putting them in your household bin. The great thing about dumps is that there are always people hanging around who are looking to save something from being dumped. Cuddly toys can be expensive, so if someone sees you leaving your cuddly toys at the dump they may approach you and ask if they can have them instead, even if they're not in great condition.

Add them to an online auction 

We can already feel you rolling your eyes at this suggestion, but bear (teddy bear) with us here. As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and you never know how much someone else might value the collection of cuddly toys you have. Collectors are the obvious choice, but you'd be shocked at the sorts of toys some people are willing to buy online - for example, the battered and old cuddly toy that your child loved could be the perfect movie prop for an independent director. You could end up turning those cuddly toys into some decent cash! It's so easy with marketplaces like eBay and Gumtree, and if you're already planning to throw the toys out then you have nothing to lose. The key is to take lots of good photos and to be very honest about the condition of the toys. Like we said, some people are actually looking for toys in poor condition for certain projects!

So to conclude, before you think about putting those cuddly toys in the bin, try one of our above suggestions and see how it goes!

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    Hi I have about 200 teddies all different sizes off which I’ve collected for 30 years would anybody be interested in them

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