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How To Get Free (and cheaper) Drinks at Starbucks?

Starbucks isn’t everybody’s cup of coffee, but everything tastes better when it is free… or at least cheaper. Whether you’re a student or a sucker for a good deal, you could be getting your coffee out for significantly less than you already are.

As I am writing this, I am sat in Starbucks enjoying my free coffee. It tastes pretty sweet right now.

So let’s get into it: how do you get a free (or cheaper) drink at Starbucks?


Free filter Goodness.

Today’s world is very different from the days of commuting and office work. A huge chunk of working people now work from home, or only commit to the office a couple of days a week. If you spend any more than a week working at home the buzz wears off very quickly. There is only so much time you can spend in the same room and blur working and living life. So, you need to find a place to hang out without needing to buy a coffee every 20 minutes; Starbucks is perfect.

It is possible to buy a filter coffee for £1.50 (ish) and you’ll get unlimited refills. That means that you can spend all day working with multiple free coffees.

You’re welcome.


Earn Points.

If you like Starbucks, then you may as well get yourself a loyalty card. It is free, and you can collect points which give you perks; including free drinks. It is one of the best loyalty cards/ schemes for coffee and well worth the effort. Why not feed your addiction and get rewarded for it?

You get 3 stars for every £1 you spend in the store, and you can earn a free drink when you get 150 stars. Here is a sneaky trick to get the free drinks quicker; go to Starbucks with all your friends and farm them for stars. Everything they buy, you will get the points. Just don’t tell them about the loyalty card and they will never know.


Happy Birthday!

Once you’re on the Starbucks good list, you can get free drinks on your birthday. You do need to have achieved ‘Gold’ status which is a total accumulation of 450 stars. That is about £150 on drinks in total, which seems like a lot, but that would be a couple of months of coffee.

The free drink is valid within 30 days of your birthday and you can use it to get anything you like for free. So make it a big one. Something with lots of cream and marshmallows. The scheme is apparently redeemed at participating stores and you must use the coupon 30 days after your big day. It isn’t much, but it is a nice way to celebrate your birthday by getting something for free. Wonderful times we live in.



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