How Big is A Horses Willy?

This is a very silly post. And there is no real reason when we are writing this other than we like to be a fountain of knowledge and share some facts about the world; even if they are a little ridiculous. 

It is a fact, that almost every human on earth has thought this: How Big is A Horses Willy? Actually? It has been surrounded in myth, and hype, on the internet and for some reason, the royal horse’s penis gets a lot of attention. So let us answer the question. 

The short answer is that it is hard to tell exactly, but we can give a rough estimate. It’s not like people are making it a Habit to go around and document the willy size of every horse they come across. Put it this way, like humans, there is a huge variety of shapes and sizes that horses can don. However, on average, a horse’s willy is usually between 2-3 feet in length.

The most common influence on the size and appearance of a horse’s will is its age. The younger horses tend to present with a smaller number, while those that are older tend to have a much longer willy. So, much of what you’ve heard about the impressive penis of a horse, is likely to be an older character.

Secondly, their breed will play a huge role. The Percheron and Belgian horses are blessed with a significantly larger penis than say, a racing horse. It seems that those horses with smaller willies are performance horses and are not bred due to their prowess, but how quickly they can gallop. 

Although scientific evidence exists regarding horse penis size, there are enduring myths and misconceptions surrounding what we are talking about today. Certain individuals hold the belief that bigger penises are always superior, while others associate smaller penises with weakness or poor genetics. This is not always the case and is most likely us humans giving horses our own insecurities. 

In truth, there is no universally applicable response when it comes to horse penis size and whether they are a better-bred horses than any others.


Final thoughts

The size of a horse’s penis does entirely depend on the breed, age, health and individual generics of a horse, but the average size of the willy of a horse is between 2-3 feet. 

Hopefully, you’ve found this article enlightening and it comes to some good use. If you’d like to leave a comment about the article below then you’re more than welcome to. 

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