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This high protein vegetarian meal is cheap and delicious


Published by Finn Hayden

I've used all the buzzwords in the title of this article - high protein, vegetarian, delicious, and most importantly, CHEAP!

As you can see from the top image, this meal is very simple and basically consists of baked potatoes, beans, and cheese.
The key to this meal is the baked beans you use - it has to be the Essential Baked Beans from Waitrose. Yes, the cheap ones. I've written about these baked beans previously, but if you don't know, they're PACKED with protein and contain almost twice the amount of protein you'll find in almost any other tin of baked beans. At 32.8g of protein per tin, most of the protein in this meal comes from the baked beans. And yes, you need to use a whole tin.
Next up, the potatoes. You need 2 medium potatoes, and you need to bake them. Put them in an air fryer if you have one, they'll go nice and crispy without the need to slather them in oil. A medium potato contains around 4g of protein, so having 2 with the beans takes this meal up to around 41g of protein.
The last ingredient is the cheese - I grate around 30g worth onto the baked potatoes, which adds around 8g of protein.
3 ingredients, and they're all super cheap. The tin of beans costs 55p, but you can buy 4 for £1.90. 2 potatoes should cost you about 40p, and the cheese costs about 20p. So we're talking about £1 for about 50g of protein. Pretty good right?

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