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Why You Should Drink Hemp Tea & Which is the Best?

Hemp tea is pretty damn delightful. Especially, just before bed on a cold evening. If you have never


What is Hemp Tea?

Even though this question may sound like a simple thing to ask, from my research I had discovered that there are many different types of hemp tea; the tea you'd expect, and the stuff that is called tea for legal reasons.

Hemp tea, in the most simple of terms, is a tea produced using the leaves, flowers and sometimes seeds of the hemp plant. It can come loose, in a tea bag or tin, depending on the brand.

What I find extremely fascinating about this product is 'hemp tea' isn't always 'hemp tea'. There are some companies out there who sell a product that is legitimately tea, but there is a legal loophole that has encouraged companies who sell 'hemp flower' to call it tea.

It seems, from all my reading that the products are almost always pretty much the same. The only difference is that the flower is heaped with active compounds called 'cannabinoids' - and tea usually contains the leaves (and other debris) too.

The CBD flower, while being sold as tea, is usually ground and smoked. It seems as though this kind of hemp tea is actually a much more valuable product, and does produce a really wonderful cup of hemp tea in my opinion.


Benefits of Hemp Tea?

In recent years, it seems as though the hemp plant has been found to be quite a bit more amazing than previously stated. It can be turned into plastics, housing materials, medicinal products, chocolate and now tea.

Hemp tea is a great alternative to 'green tea' as a non-caffeinated herbal blend that has a light and floral flavour which doesn't have the bitterness that green tea has. There are so many benefits to hemp tea listed online but I feel as though the writers are confusing it slightly with the benefits of CBD. Although hemp tea can contain cannabinoids (such as hemp flower tea) they are only present at a small level.

I've put a list together of some of the more realistic benefits.


  • Can be really relaxing and reduce anxiety
  • Helps you get a great night's sleep (part of our post about improving sleep)
  • Can settle your stomach and improve gut health
  • A better alternative to a caffeinated drink

I myself, drink hemp tea in the evenings. It is easy to make, really refreshing and settles my stomach after eating food. I also just feel like it is extremely comforting and helps me get a better night's sleep. The flavour may not be everybody's tastes but you can add other botanicals to make the drink as flavourful as you'd like.


Which Hemp Tea Have I tried?

Indigo Teas - Hemp Leaf Tea

Indigo Herbs is a fantastic company from Glastonbury. They produce a whole range of healthy plant-based products including mushrooms, algae and hemp tea.

Their hemp tea is one of the finer qualities that I have tried. Although they are not specialised in producing hemp products, the company do clearly have a keen eye for details.

I also love the packaging on this product too because it is easy to use, recyclable and resealable.


Body and Mind Botanicals Cannabis tea

Body and Minds are a very well known CBD company that produces all kinds of CBD products. They also have some tea.

What makes this tea slightly different is that the tea comes in little biodegradable tea bags. I usually have my hemp tea lose, but for ease of use, and a consistently delicious tea, a teabag is perfect.

You can get the tea on Amazon - next day delivery with prime too.

Body and Mind Botanicals Cannabis tea

Pukka Hemp Tea - Peace

Pukka are my favourite tea brand - by a long, long, long way. Whatever they do to their tea makes it so much more favourable and effective.

This tea is not just hemp, but it also contains spearmint and Ashwagandha (known for relaxation).

The flavour, effects and everything about the Pukka hemp oil tea is perfect. It comes in a nice box that fits snug in your tea draw too.


You can get some here. 


Sleepy Hemp - Dutch Harvest

I have seen Dutch Harvest being sold a few times online, but they are seemingly a much bigger deal in Europe than in the UK.

When it comes to real, loose hemp tea, Dutch Harvest hemp tea is the boss. The tea always tastes really fresh and vibrant, and the effects from the tea are much more profound than anything else I have tried.

There are lots of different types of Dutch Harvest Hemp tea but my favourite is either the sleepy hemp or the turmeric blend.

You can find them here.


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