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Healthspan Vitamin D Review

Healthspan is huge. They are one of the biggest food supplement retailers in the UK and sponsor a range of national teams, such as the Scottish Rugby team and British Athletics. I came across them when my boyfriend came home with some of their caffeine chewing gum. He had been given them as part of a promotion, somehow.

So, I thought I would try the company do a full review of a vitamin I use regularly; let's dig into Healthspan's Vitamin D.


Who is Healthspan?

Healthspan was founded in 1996 by Derek Coates who was a big wig at Unilever, which may explain why Healthspan exploded in size. He took the principles he learned there and put them to work with his new business. His focus was quality and innovation alongside unsurpassed customer service. Healthspan has therefore remained at the forefront of the health and nutrition industry in the UK.

The company sell and manufacture over 200 products and have now over 18,000 reviews online - and 800 on Trustpilot (which isn't quite as glowing). Their range includes everything from Vitamin D, Gluathiomine and CBD oils. They are similar to Holland & Barrett and Your Zooki in terms of size and product range.

Interestingly, Healthspan also has an anti-modern slavery statement on its website. So, we know they are at least against slavery of all kinds. Thank goodness for that.


Healthspan Vitamin D

Firstly, vitamin D is essential. It is ideal for supporting your immune system and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and teeth. While you can get vitamin D from enjoying a ray or two of sunshine, the UK has very low levels of the sun (lots of rain) so it is beneficial to take a supplement and support your body. Particular anybody of colour should be taking a regular supplement. There are links to vitamin D's effect on COVID-19.

I took the Healthspan Vitamin D 50 Plus product because (for reasons stated above) I need a little more, and the sun this year has been particularly shy where I live. It is recommended that you take 10mgs a day, or 25mgs a day for adults over 50.

First of all, the ordering system, delivery and customer service were great. Just what I was expecting and no issues at all. Very standard, seamless service. When the package arrived, my supplements were in a little mailbox, with some wrapping paper and a few marketing leaflets/ information hand-outs.

The product itself cost £17.95 which seems quite expensive because there are 180 tablets in the sleeve. If you compare that point for pound with other high street brands, you may find Healthspan middle of the road in terms of price.

The tablets contain 50 micrograms of Vitamin D and are produced using photosynthesising algae meaning they are perfectly suitable for anybody on a vegan diet. The compound that is derived from the algae is exactly the same as the 'animal origin' Vitamin D3. So, it provides the same benefits to your immunity and wellbeing.


What are the Reviews Like online?


The reviews for Healthspan vitamin D reviews sit at a 4.7 out of 5 rating on their website. I'm always a little suspicious of reviews on a company website because they are easily edited. Not to say Healthspan does this, but it has happened with other companies in the past.

It is why companies like Trustpilot exist. There is another review platform that Healthspan use but I have never seen it before. The Feefo profile has a review score of 4.8 out of 5 and has 18 thousand reviews on it. They are largely positive but a few mention that the delivery is slow.

Looking at the profile there has 25 reviews with an average of 3.9 (79%).

The surprise came from their Trustpilot profile, which is currently sitting at a 2.3 out of 5 rating with over 800 reviews. The first page is littered with negative comments ranging from poor delivery, bad customer experiences and poor website experiences.

It does look as though there is a team who actively replies to both positive and negative comments, which is a good thing to see as a potential customer.

In my experience, all was perfectly fine and I had no issues working out the website, or accepting the delviery.

Healthspan Vitamin D Review
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Would I recommend Healthspan?

Yes, I would. There was nothing wrong with the service and if you're in the business of decent products at a decent price, then you can't go wrong with healthspan.

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