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Healthspan CBD Oil Review

As part of a recent purchase (for some Vitamin D), I decided to purchase some CBD oil from Healthspan. This is a supplement I regularly take as I find it helps me sleep and generally improves my wellbeing. I took a break from my regular choice and thought I would try out healthspan.

So without any more fluff, let me tell you how I got on.


Who Is Healthspan

As I mentioned in the previous post:

Healthspan is a company that was founded by Derek Coates in founded in 1996. He was a big wig at Unilever, before setting up healthspan.  Healthspan is massive so he has obviously taken his knowledge forward from his time at Unilever. The company founded itself upon principles of quality and innovation, alongside unsurpassed customer service.

The company sell and manufacture over 200 products and have now over 18,000 reviews online - and 800 on Trustpilot (which isn't quite as glowing). Their range includes everything from Vitamin D, Gluathiomine and CBD oils. They are similar to Holland & Barrett and Your Zooki in terms of size and product range.


My Healthspan CBD Oil Review (520mg)

Healthspan are one of the few companies that are selling their CBD oils on Amazon, which explains why there is so much buzz around the company's oils. The oil I went for was the 520mg oil with peppermint flavouring. When I compare it to my usual choice of oil, it is completely different.

Firstly, the oil is £28 which is fairly low compared to other brands I have tried at a similar dosage. The oil came with my other orders in a small mailbox, with wrapping paper and some information leaflets, and other marketing materials. The presentation was quite nice and the oil itself was in a little box.

My first impression of the oil was how clear it was. The oils I have used previously are quite dark in comparison and thicker in texture. The flavour of the oil was very light, and peppermint. In terms of effect, I personally have an instant benefit from CBD oils but healthspan CBD oil took a couple of drops more to get a similar result.

From a little research, I believe this was down to the fact that the CBD oil from Healthspan is filtered and refined more that the other oils I have used. They have removed the lipids, fats and chlorophyll, which do not taste nice but are apparently beneficial in their own right. There is a lot of information about terpenes being a massive part of CBD oils too. Personally, I don't mind the taste if it comes with more profound benefits, but that is just my personal preference.

The oil from healthspan does not contain THC either which is a selling point to many customers. The oil may not be for me, but I know for sure that the target audience of Healthspan will love the oil. It is clean, easy to use and doesn't taste like a handful of grass.


What are the Online Reviews like?

The reviews for the healthspan CBD oils online are actually very positive. There are very few reviews about the oil that is outright negative.

On the company's Amazon profile there are one or two negative reviews, but this has been down to Amazon's service, or the fact that the customer has not had the benefits they were looking for from the Oil.

As I mentioned in the last review, the trustpilot for Healthspan is quite a bit less positive about the company, however, most of the bad reviews are about the delivery service rather than the quality or effectiveness of the products.

As a separate note there are a few other online reviews from specific CBD review blogs, like the CBD Bible UK. They seem to rate the Healthspan CBD oil range quite highly.

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Would I Recommend Healthspan CBD Oil?

I think I would recommend the CBD oil for two reasons; the light taste and the price. For a new commer or casual CBD oil user the oils are perfect. I personally prefer the thicker, rawer oils as they seem to work better for me.

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