Hayman’s Gin – Classic & Old Tom (& Reviews)

Our team of writers have been having a lot of fun recently, and we've been sampling quite a lot of gin. Everything from clean Scottish Gin from Edinburgh, to Galloway.

While Scottish gins have quickly gained a reputation since 2005, London has had a global gin reputation for generations. Upon reading a little bit about the gin Pioneers of London, we came across a fascinating brand still operating today: Haymans.

So, today we wanted to write a little bit about the gin and the story of being one of the Pioneers of the UK's love for gin.


Who is Hayman's Gin?

The story started in 1893 when James Burrough established a small distillery in Cale Street in the heart of Chelsea (London). He experimented with botanicals and recipes and gave each created a new name; Olde Chelsea, Beefeater and Black Cat. At the time, an Old Tom Gin was London's spirit of choice, but James set out to pioneer a drier style of gin; the finished article is what we now know today as the London Dry Gin.

James is the great-grandfather of Christopher Hayman. In 1987, when the family business was sold. Christopher purchased back a part of the business to continue the family's distilling heritage.

Hayman's story continues with James and Miranda Hayman, who are gin pioneers who value their traditional process to create a unique modern English Gin. The company may be based miles away from James' original location, but the passion for their 150 year old recipes still remains. From the finest botanicals to the clean English wheat spirit, the generations of distillation has brought Haymans to where it is today.


The Hayman's Classic Dry Gin

What makes Hayman's gin stand out is the fact that they still distil their gin over 2 days. The process of a true artisanal gin cannot be rushed! The resulting gin is crisp, elegant and refreshing with classic notes of juniper, subtle exotic spice and a vibrant citrus finish.

Almost exactly the perfect London Dry Gin high notes. The difference is that the recipe could very well be the original. The basics that are used in the gin have not changed for over 100 years; from the earthy Juniper backbone to the warm cinnamon, nutmeg, angelica root and sweet liquorice. Then, my favourite part, the light script floral notes of orange peel, lemon peel and the hint of coriander.

The nasal notes of the gin mainly come from the potent 41% alcohol which brings lovely warmth, followed by notes of floral citrus, unmistakable angelica root and a tracer of that vibrant juniper.

To add a personal note to the review, the gin is lovely, and one for a gin purist. The only negative I will bring to the table is the fact that Hayman's London Dry Gin doesn't offer anything particularly new; but I understand that is also the point.

For this reason, garnish the gin simply. Ice, cold tonic and a simply slice of Lemon.


Hayman's Old Tom

Before the Dry London Gin, was the 'Old Tom'. This was an underground spirit which has a long history within the streets of London (you can learn more about it here).

Hayman's are credited as being one of the first distilleries in the UK to bring back the popularity of the Old Tom. We reviewed an Edinburgh Gin Old Tom recently.

The style of the gin is much dryer than the Dutch Jenever (what is said to be the original 'gin'), but sweeter than the London Dry. It is preferred by many for having a fuller flavour.

The Hayman's old top follows the same traditional process as their Dry Gin. They use the same botanicals and recipe as was popular hundreds of years ago. It has a bold citrus high note with a powerful earthy juniper backbone. The bold body and delicate sweetness will shine through any Tom Collins or Ramos Gin Fizz.



Other Reviews for Hayman's Gin

Hayman's Gin has a nice selection of reviews across the internet. We usually like to see Trustpilot with lots of reviews, but sadly Hayman's only have two reviews.

Thankfully, Master Of Malt has featured the gins and has a number of positive reviews we can draw on.

Generally, the gin is very popular and the only negative comments seem to agree with our own.

It is great, but not as pioneering as it has once been. In saying that, sometimes tradition is its own unique selling point.

Hayman's Gin Reviews

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