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Have a very vegan Christmas – UK’s Biggest Cinema Chains To Show PETA’s New Vegan Advert Over Christmas Period


Despite the size of the organisation, PETA sometimes has trouble breaking through to mainstream audiences. For example, I haven't seen a PETA tv advert for years, probably because vegan TV adverts tend to get banned.

So I was genuinely surprised to see that the biggest UK cinema chains, including Odeon, Cineworld, and VUE, had all agreed to show a new advert from PETA over the Christmas period. This advert is animated and quite tame, (at least compared to our selection of Funny Christmas Jumpers and Christmas Cards) so maybe a little less gnarly than what most vegans would like to show people (footage showing the reality of how what they eat is made would do the trick), but the message of the advert is clear - turkeys are intelligent and loving creatures, and yet millions of turkeys are slaughtered every year for Christmas.

Will this do anything? We actually think it probably will. It's very well made, and the message is clear. At the very least, we suspect the advert will make smaller kids think twice about the turkey they're served this Christmas.

We haven't been to the cinema recently, but we'd love to know which movies this advert will be shown during. Really, it should be the movies that families attend. But we have a sneaking suspicion that somehow, it'll get buried and only brought out for the weird, arthouse movies that screen at 1am and which nobody watches. Maybe that's just our cynical vegan brain talking. Although saying that, the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) has listed the advert as PG so...who knows.

We'll be having a vegan Christmas, why not join us? Recently we tried the vegan KFC burger and we were quite impressed (much better than McDonald's), that could work for Christmas Day. You could also try some of the UKs best (vegan) CBD gummies / best CBD Oils and some of the great vegan chicken alternatives we found, and apparently chicken tastes similar to turkey (we can't remember). Or book a vegan getaway and let someone else do the cooking for a change.


Top image from PETA

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