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Gousto review – Our honest thoughts on this popular recipe kit box service

Gousto box

Published by Finn Hayden

In our guide comparing Hellofresh and Gousto, we didn't go into as much detail about our Gousto experience as we wanted to. Since we published that comparison review, we’ve had a number of other experiences with Gousto, and we now feel that we should publish a standalone review of Gousto. Let’s get into it:

Quick summary: having tried lots of other recipe kit boxes, we're pretty sure that Gousto is the best of the bunch. It's fairly-priced, the recipes are great, and the quality of ingredients is superb. 

Now let's get into the full review:

What are the Gousto recipes like?

For many people, variation of recipes will be the biggest reason to choose one specific brand of meal kit delivery, because nobody wants to eat the same thing every week. Currently, Gousto offers over 70 different recipes to choose from each week, whereas Hellofresh offers less than 50 different recipes each week. Which of the two brands has the best selection of recipes is debatable, but we have to say that we think Gousto not only has more recipes to choose from, but also more interesting recipes to choose from.

Here’s a tip too - as soon as the box arrives at your house, you should take all the ingredients and recipes out, and add all the ingredients that you needed to buy (if you’ve already bought them), then put all the ingredients for each recipe together in a little basket ready for you to use throughout the week. This is what we do (pictured) and it does make everything so easy.

Gousto recipe boxes


For many people, what will determine whether or not they choose Gousto instead of one of the other meal kit brands is how much it costs. It can be quite tricky to compare the prices of the various meal kit brands out there because almost all of them will offer very large discounts on the first few weeks or months of your subscription, to entice you to try their service.

In order to fairly compare the price of the Gousto service to the price of other meal kit delivery services, we've opted to only look at the cheapest price you will pay for 1 meal for 1 person when you're paying the full price without discounts. So in the case of Gousto, this would currently (January 2024) be £2.99 per meal per person. Hellofresh will currently cost you as little as £3.15 per meal per person, so you're saving around 16p per meal per person with Gousto compared to Hellofresh.

Having said this, we do think the discounts offered by Hellofresh are currently better than the discounts offered by Gousto. Both brands will give you 60% off your first box, but Hellofresh will go a step further and provide you with "free treats" for life, including little desserts (not dissimilar to the excellent Gu desserts).

Quality of Ingredients

Like all of the other meal kit delivery brands, Gousto will send you a selection of the ingredients that you’ll need to create a recipe.

We were generally impressed with the quality of the Gousto ingredients - for example, this soy sauce (pictured) was much better than the soy sauce we get out of a bottle, and we even loved the quality of the packet it came in, which was much easier to open than the pots that Simplycook sent ingredients in.

Gousto soy sauce

The chicken that we received from Gousto was British and, according to Gousto, high quality. The chicken certainly seemed high quality to us, but we were a little disappointed with the lack of information that we were able to find online about where Gousto sources meat from. This page mentions that Gousto sources meat from British farms "wherever possible", and doesn't really give any more specific information.

Gousto ingredients

We received onions, leeks, and peppers in our Gousto box, and they were all really high quality - no bruises and all perfectly ripe and ready for cooking. We also received some branded products for cooking with - this included tofu from The Tofoo Co., which is probably the best tofu we've ever tried, so we were delighted to find that in our box. We even got a free wooden spoon (pictured).

Gousto ingredients

Final thoughts

We have to say that of all the recipe kit box delivery services we've tried so far, we think Gousto is our favourite. The recipes are great, the quality of ingredients and packaging is superb, and it's a very fair price.

What do you think of Gousto? If you've tried this service then let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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