Games to buy for a fun family Christmas

Christmas time means spending lots of time with family that you might have not seen for months (or even years), and sometimes you need a little fun to break the ice. Games are a great way to get everyone involved in something fun, and they're extra useful for killing time on Boxing Day. If it's just the grown-ups over for Christmas then check out our list of the best board games for adults, otherwise here are 4 of our favourite boards games for Christmas 2021:

CircleTales - best for creative families

Looking at the CircleTales board pictured, you can probably tell it's not a straightforward board game. But this is what makes it so great - the game isn't overly complicated, but it definitely rewards creativity.

It's a table-top storytelling game, and was created by Annie Murdock and her partner Herman Castenada, a couple based in Devon. Between them, they boast more than 20 years of experience in product design, community engagement and the arts.

The aim of the game is to create a collective story, based on one-word answers to questions, combined with word prompts selected by the roll of the dice. Its a surprisingly simple game to play, but the joy is in getting creative with the story.

You can order the game directly from the CircleTales website here -

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Taxi! - best for competitive families

Nothing quite brings out the competitive side of families at Christmas time than a game based on Trivia knowledge. The best thing about Taxi! is that it isn't just a general knowledge game - you can choose a game based around a specific destination, football team, rugby team or The Open golf tournament. So it really pays to have an encyclopedic knowledge of 1 specific subject!

You could take this up a notch by letting people know what edition of the game you'll be playing beforehand. Cue everyone frantically doing their homework before Christmas!

Get free standard shipping to any UK address, order yours here -

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Christmas bundle - best for fussy families

Does your family spend longer deciding what to play than actually playing a game? Then you definitely need the Christmas Bundle from The Dark Imp. Each bundle includes a variety of games, including some for kids and some that everyone can play.

You can choose from 3 different sizes of bundles, with prices starting at £29.99. Buy it directly from The Dark Imp here -



4tec - best for simple + fast games

Are you looking for a fun, simple game that the whole family can instantly get involved in? 4tec takes a classic game that everyone can understand - Naughts & Crosses - and takes it up a notch by making it 3D. What we love about 4tec is that it's something familiar, just with a modern twist. This makes it both easy to grasp but also fresh and exciting, especially for younger players.

You can grab a 4tec board directly from their website here -


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