FUT Sheriff | What is it and is it a Scam?

If you play a lot of FIFA then you'll already know exactly what FUT Sheriff is, but when I came across it on Twitter it left me thinking that I had no idea what it was. And why are so many people banging on about it?

Well, I went searching to find out what FUT Sheriff is and why so many people had something to day.

What is FUT Sheriff?

From the outside, it is hard to work out what this platform is. Well, FUT Sheriff is a Twitter account with a trading discord. It is one of the best-known communities for people to access leaks and tips for the FIFA FUT aspect of the games (currently FIFA 2023)

For those who are unaware, FUT stands for FIFA Ultimate Team which is a game mode that allows you to build your dream squad by purchasing the players using coins. There are a few other ways to improve your team: by playing, completing objections and squad-building challenges, the transfer market and the FUT store. Some aspects of the game is similar to a real trading platform where people are looking to buy low and sell high.

The most popular method to improve your team is by finding FUT items, which requires some skill (apparently). You can pick-up players or managers, grounds and club customisations. You can also pick them up by buying packs, twitch drips and FIFA points.

There are hundreds of Youtubers (including KSI and W2S) who gain millions of views on their videos playing the game. There are also thousands of online tutorials and instruction videos which articulate how to find items.

This is where Sheriff comes in.

Sheriff claims that it is a community of FUT experts and provides users access to valuable trading tips, leaks and recommendations for investments which will make you insane profits in the game.

But, there seems to be more to this than meet the eye.

Fut sheriff twitter
Twitter FUT Sheriff


Is FUT Sheriff a Scam?

Recently, FUT Sheriff was subject to a huge community backlash.

They are one of three main FUT trading accounts that claim to provide leaks and tips on how to become super successful in playing FUT. The discord has been advertised and recommended by Youtubers and been promoted as a place to make your FUT millions.

Not long after the torrent of new subscribers flooded in, the platform was starting to be called a scam. Allegedly there are a few daily contributors but most of the channels are quiet and do not offer anywhere near as much value as it claims. And many are asking: where is FUT Sherrif?

In the 'Leaks' section of the discord, it is claimed that you're paying £30 a month for them to repost what FUT Sheriff is posting on Twitter. So, you could simply be accessing this for free.

It is fairly obvious that he is the 'hype guy' for the platform, but does not play an active role within the discord as many people expect.

There are many claims that the recommendations provided are either just outright bad, or there could be nefarious intentions behind them. Many online are claiming that they have paid their £30 and lost more by following the advice provided by the admins.

There are claims that the tips and recommendations on the discord are designed to mislead the community in order to benefit the owners.

Whether or not FUT Sheriff is a scam is subject to opinion. There are many who claim that the platform is exploiting clever marketing to inflate the access price of the discord, but many claims to have benefited significantly from being part of the community.


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