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What Are The Fridge Raiders Flavours & Are They Healthy?

Fridge Raiders have been a staple of British lunch boxes and snack packs for donkeys now. If you've never had a Fridge Raider then you're genuinely missing out.

If you're unsure what a Fridge Raider is, then it will help to know that they are a little packet of breaded and seasoned (flavoured) reformed meat snacks that are designed as a protein-packed snack to fill a hole between meals. Some may argue that they are a healthier alternative to a packet of crisps, and bodybuilders love them as a high-protein stack.

Regardless, they are delicious and are much more filling than you'd expect. So, let's have a chat about whether Fridge raiders are good for you and provide a list all of the Fridge Raiders flavours available in the UK, and some limited edition ones you can find around the place.

Southern Style Fridge Raiders

Are Fridge Raiders Good For you?

So long as you consume them in moderation, Fridge Raiders can be good for you. They are a great source of protein and energy for a busy day in, or out, of the office, but are also high in fat, sugar and salt.

There are two products to discuss here: meat, and meat-free options. Obviously, the seasoning will make a difference in terms of the salt content, but to make things easier we will use the classic Chicken flavour as a benchmark.

The meat versions are produced using 100% chicken meat (and some additives) are will be a great source of protein. Each bag of 80g contains up to 21g of protein, 11g of fat, 1.5g of salt - this is along with 5.6g of carbs 0.9g of those being sugar.

The meatless Fridge Raiders are surprisingly less healthy than you may expect. They contain only 7g of protein, 14.3g of fat, 1.6g of salt and 15.5g of carbs, with 0.9 as sugar. This doesn't mention the long list of additive ingredients and ingredients sourced across the globe (like Soy) that may result in them being worse for the environment too.


What are all of the Fridge Raiders Flavours?

From what we can find, there are 6 common fridge-raider flavours that are available online, and in supermarkets. The one that is most interesting to us is the Peri Peri Chicken flavour which was launched as a limited edition run. Fridge Raiders often change up the flavours and add new ones depending on their popularity.

It seems their most popular flavour is the classic roast chicken.

Here is the full list of flavours:

  • Roast Chicken
  • Southern Style
  • Smokey BBQ
  • Spicey Tikka
  • Katsu
  • Hot and Spicey
  • Peri Peri Chicken (Limited Edition)


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