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Freestyle Libre 2 system for diabetics – our honest review

Freestyle Libre 2 box

Being diabetic is hard, and it is a complicated illness. Despite insulin being used to control diabetes since 1922, it can sometimes feel like there hasn't been much progress made since then. For most diabetics, it has always been a case of pricking a finger several times a day and taking readings using a test strip. It's messy, inconvenient, and frustrating.

That's why technology like the Freestyle Libre 2 is so exciting. For diabetics, the prospect of not having to take several daily finger prick tests to keep on top of their glucose levels is a total gamechanger. So with all that said, we wanted to review the Freestyle Libre 2 system to see how it works and if it is any good. Let's get into the review:

What do you get in the box?

In terms of what you get in the Freestyle Libre 2 box, it is quite simple - you get the Sensor Applicator, the sensor pack and a product insert. There is also a leaflet with instructions but it is all pretty straightforward.


How does the Freestyle Libre 2 work?

The Freestyle Libre 2 sensor is pricked into the back of your upper arm using the applicator (pictured), which you then dispose of. Each sensor is supposed to last for up to 14 days before needing to be changed. You can then download the FreeStyle LibreLink app and scan the sensor with your phone to get glucose readings. You can also choose to have an alarm for when glucose readings are too high or too low.


What are the Trustpilot reviews like for the Freestyle Libre 2?

We were quite surprised to see that the team behind Freestyle Libre 2 hadn't claimed their Trustpilot profile, but when we saw the reviews we started to understand why. The brand is currently sitting with a 'Bad' rating of 1.5 stars out of 5 from more than 350 reviews. Reviewers seem to be really disappointed with 2 aspects of the Freestyle Libre 2 sensors - the accuracy of the readings, and the flimsiness of the device. We'd recommend you take a look at all of these reviews on their Trustpilot profile here -
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Anything else to mention?

We actually find some of the information on the Freestyle Libre 2 website a little misleading - there is this banner (pictured) stating that you won't have to "prick" any longer, but as we know the device does actually have to be pricked into the skin every 2 weeks. Further to that, the advice from the Freestyle Libre 2 team is to continue using finger pricks alongside using the sensor just to be sure of readings, so the idea that this device can completely replace your daily finger pricks is not true.

In general we actually found the website quite unhelpful - there is a mention of an FAQ/Video section which sounds helpful, but the button takes you straight to a pop-up contact form. This goes along with what many of the Trustpilot reviewers mentioned.

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Final thoughts

Having technology like the Freestyle Libre 2 should be really exciting for people living with diabetes, but it seems like there is still a long way to go before this product is perfect.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.


  • Linette Caudill

    I was so excited about the Libre 2 CGM! But I have had it for two days, and it is wildly inaccurate, so what’s the point? I’m actually sticking my fingers more than before to check the readings against my glucometer. Very disappointing!

    • Glazebrook Kenneth

      This product is not reliable. It might last a few hours or days, rarely lasts the 14 days. The adhesive with the product it’s great so they tell you to buy the Freestyle Sensor Covers wjich if you are single adds to the difficulty. It the sensor gets bumped or caught when undressing the sensor fails. I am currently researching other products as the last three sensors have fail first last 6 hours, second 3 days and the last seven days. Of the 12 I have purchased only 3 have lasted the 14 days at $100 each they should have better quality

  • Kar

    Tested with several freestyle libre 1 and 2 sensors. There’s no way on earth this system should be getting the rave reviews it is getting on most sites, and the negative trustpilot reviews prove this perfectly well. Not only is it prone to failures and errors, it is completely unreliable with a huge variability of error from one day to the next, too. Like Linette wrote, you end up doing more finger pricks than before to check the readings. It is a complete garbage system, but a very good marketing campaign.

  • Jeremy Bowers

    Love it but wish it would last more then a few days. Just started my a new month of sensors and the first one only lasted 15 minutes before coming off my arm.

  • Mary E. Strome

    I put on two Sensors and they both read Not compatable witrh the reader. Is it old, is it what? What do I do????

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