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Floradix Review – Iron & Vitamin B Liquid Supplement

An iron deficiency sucks. You feel tired all the time. It’s rough.

Apparently, 23% of pregnant women and 14% of non-pregnant women have anaemia globally. So lots of people suffer from a lack of iron. While you could tailor your diet to get more iron in you – it’s easier for sure to take a supplement for two.

Floradix is the one I have been using since I was a teenager. It doesn’t just contain Iorn but a complex of other vitamins. It is potentially the leading brand of Iron supplements in the UK and can be bought at Holland and Barrett, Boots and Tescos.

Lots of people use Floradix to help with fatigue, sleep and to help boost their energy levels during the day. So let’s get into our Floradix review and see what we think!


Salus-Haus & Floradix

Before buying anything, I like to read about the company. Esspecially these days there is a lot of currency in being a good, ethical brand.

Floradix is owned by a german Company called SALUS-Haus which was founded in 1916. Even after all this time, the company is still family-run and members of the original family still work at higher management. With any product you can buy in Holland & Barrett you generally don’t have great expectations for the company behind it. But, Floradix is a lovely suprise.

The website has lots of information about who the family are, the company ethos and the passion behind the brand. If you have a spare 5 minutes before buying the product, then it’s worth it.


The Floradix Review

Floradix have a huge range of supplements but the best ones are the liquid supplements. They have a variety of formulas but we are talking specifically about their Iron and Vitamin B complex products- which is their most popular product.

The supplements contain naturally occurring herbs and fruit juices to give the liquid a naturally nutritious vitamin complex with a nice taste. It doesn’t have the best flavour in the world, but for all of the other vitamins I have tried, Floradix is one of the better ones.  The Floradix liquid supplements do not contains any preservatives, colours, artificial flavours or alcohol.

Interestingly, Floradix also have a rangeof herbal teas and vitamin tablets. That is if you really hate the liquid.

I personally think that the liquids are easy to use, they don’t taste so bad and offer so much for the price.

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