Flo review – our honest thoughts about this popular period tracking app

Having your period can completely derail your life for a few days. Physical symptoms like cramps and bloating are common and can be really uncomfortable and disruptive to daily life. The unpredictability of periods can also be a source of stress, as they can sometimes arrive unexpectedly and interfere with plans or events.

That's why the idea of a period tracking app is so exciting - having the ability to track when your next period is going to be can really help you to prepare.

Flo is currently the most popular period tracking app out there, with more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. There is no denying that it's popular, but is it worth downloading, and is it worth using the premium version of Flo? We wanted to review this app to try and answer those questions, let's get into it:

What does the free version of Flo include?

What we love about the Flo app is that the free version of the app is actually very useful - it essentially gives you everything you need to track your periods and to have a good idea of when your next period will be. And the more that you use the app and the more information you input, the more helpful and accurate predictions you'll get. As you can see from the screenshot from a free Flo app account, the app very simply tells you when it estimates that you will have your period. This will be based on the information you input when you're setting up the app about when your previous period was, so you'll need to input that accurately otherwise the prediction won't be accurate.
Flo app review
Once you've been using the app for a few weeks, the predictions for when your next period will be gets even more impressive. As you can see from the calendar here, Flo is predicting when periods will be right up until the end of the year (the current month is May). The dark red dates are dates during which you've already had your period, and the light red dates are when the app predicts you'll have your period.


You'll also notice the light blue dates in the calendar, which represent another great element of the free Flo app. These dates are for when the app predicts that you'll be ovulating, which is useful information if you're trying to get pregnant.


One last thing we love about the free version of the Flo app is the lack of spammy ads, the only thing advertised is the paid version of the app.
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Is it worth getting the premium version of Flo?

Considering how positive we've been about the free version of Flo, you might wonder why you'd actually need the paid version of the app. And the truth is that you don't need it if all you want to do is track your periods in a simple manner. However, if you're wanting to get much more information about your periods, as well as additional information and help with dealing with your periods, then the premium version is definitely worth downloading.
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The main feature of the paid app which might tempt you to download it is the chat function - if you have any questions about your period tracking or any information which the app has given you, you can immediately chat to a member of the Flo team if you have the paid version of the app. This is super useful to have and if you find your periods to be stressful, this can really help to alleviate some of that stress. Other cool features include 'Daily Insights' which provide tips and information which might be of interest to you, as well as video courses if you want to get really geeky. The paid version of the app is less than £30 per year if you pay it annually, and we think that is great value considering this is an app you'll probably be using regularly.
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Final thoughts

So overall we're really impressed with Flo, especially the free version which gives you a huge amount of information. And we do definitely think that the paid version of the app is worth paying for, particularly if you want to learn to manage your periods even better.


Let us know what you think of Flo and if you have any other similar apps that you'd like us to review!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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  • Jessica

    I love the free version of Flo, but when I just went to download it onto my daughter’s phone, it only offered Paid options. Did they do away with the free app??

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